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Burial Insurance and Coronavirus: What You Need to Know

If you are concerned about burial insurance and coronavirus (COVID-19) and the effect it might have on you and your family, keep reading. Getting burial insurance with coronavirus may seem like a challenge, and it may discourage you from getting a policy. If you currently contracted the virus and you’re trying to get a life…
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Burial Insurance for Heart Disease and Circulatory Issues

Burial insurance for heart disease and circulatory issues is easier than you think. If you have any type of heart condition, knowing what to expect when you apply for coverage will significantly increase your chances of getting affordable burial insurance. Having any type of heart disease or circulatory issues will not stop you from buying…
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Burial Insurance with a Felony Conviction

Getting burial insurance with a felony conviction could be tough with some insurance companies. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get approved for coverage. Most life insurance companies view applicants with felony records as higher risk applicants, but it doesn’t prevent you from getting life insurance. Depending on the nature of the conviction and the…
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State-Regulated Life Insurance Hoax?

Is state-regulated life insurance a hoax? Many people from different states have reported receiving offers in the mail saying they may qualify for a state-regulated life insurance program to pay for their final expenses. The mail goes on to promise that this life insurance benefit will pay for 100% of all funeral expenses up to…
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Burial Insurance after Breast Cancer

Qualifying for burial insurance after breast cancer is easier than you think (in most cases). Whether you’re a cancer survivor or currently in treatment, you should know that there are burial insurance options open for you.  Your chances of getting first-day coverage final expense coverage will depend on the stage of your breast cancer, your…
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Coronavirus and the elderly - What you need to know

Coronavirus and the elderly: What you need to know

The elderly and people with severe chronic health conditions like lung, heart, or kidney disease are at higher risk for COVID-19. With the seniors twice as likely to catch coronavirus, we need to take extra care to keep them safe and well. The more you know about coronavirus and the elderly effects, the better prepared…
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Declined-for-Life-Insurance-–- What-To-Do

Declined for Life Insurance – What To Do Now?

While being declined for life insurance is never a good experience, it is not the dead-end when it comes to securing financial protection for your family. If you had been “rated” or “declined” for coverage in the past, it doesn’t mean that you have to live without life insurance in the future. It just means…
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Burial Insurance If You Need Help with Transferring [Activities of Daily Living]

Getting burial insurance if you need help with transferring shouldn’t give you a headache! Here’s the good news…finding final expense insurance if you need help with transferring isn’t difficult as it seems. Burial insurance is available even if you need help with transferring and other activities of daily living such as eating, bathing, dressing, toileting,…
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Burial Insurance with First-day Coverage

Getting burial insurance with first-day coverage should be your primary goal when applying for burial insurance. With first-day coverage, your beneficiary will receive your full death benefit even if you die within a few days when your policy is in force. WARNING: Never settle for a plan with a waiting period if you can qualify…
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