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Finding cheap burial insurance

Cheap Burial Insurance

It’s been said there are two things you want to avoid in life, cheap life insurance, and cheap toilet paper (we do apologize for that visual!) When looking for cheap burial insurance, you do need to be careful. Funeral Funds can show you how to find cheap burial insurance the right way! Here’s the deal…
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Grandma looking for burial insurance

Burial Insurance Over 80

Not to be unkind, but at 80, you’re not a spring chicken anymore. Statistically speaking, 80 years of age, you don’t have many years left in you. We hope you live a long time, but the statistics are not on your side. You definitely should be looking for burial insurance over 80 sooner rather than…
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Burial Insurance Heart Stent

Have you been told that you won’t qualify for burial insurance with heart stent surgery? Or have you been approved for high-risk life insurance but the rates are unreasonably high? Especially with heart stent surgery, it may seem as though the policies you can qualify are excessively priced with unusually poor terms. With more than…
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