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The Truth About Senior Legacy Life Insurance

There are many life insurance companies on TV, but Senior Legacy Life Insurance isn’t even an insurance company! Isn’t that crazy? Senior Legacy Life appears to be a marketing company that tries to get your information to sell to life insurance agents. FINE PRINT FROM SENIOR LEGACY LIFE TV COMMERCIAL: “Senior American Life (SAL) is…
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Life Insurance For Employees

Life Insurance for Employees

Employers often provide life insurance for employees as a benefit. This type of policy is known as employer-owned or employer-provided life insurance. This insurance is typically provided at no cost to the employee, and the employer may pay the entire premium or subsidize a portion…but the employee NEVER owns the life insurance coverage. Employer-provided life…
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Burial Life Insurance For AT&T Retirees

Life Insurance For AT&T Retirees

Life insurance for AT&T retirees was a tremendous benefit that past AT&T employees received in their retirement. And then, on Jan. 1, 2022, the company slashed its life insurance programs for its 220,000 eligible retirees. This has caused panic for those who were going to use this insurance for burial or final expenses. While other…
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Life Insurance For Allstate Retirees

Life insurance for Allstate retirees was terminated on January 1, 2016. This decision shocked many Allstate retirees who had been promised these benefits, prompting them to file a class action against the company. On December 28, 2021, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Allstate did not violate the Employee Retirement Income Security Act…
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Couple Thinking About Burial Insurance for 3M Retirees

2022 Burial Insurance for 3M Retirees

On August 1, 2019, 3M announced that it cut the life insurance program for retirees in half. If you are a retiree from 3M, you must know what to do now that your life insurance program has been slashed in half. If you are concerned about your future and whether you will have enough money…
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2022 Burial Life Insurance for Alcoa Retirees

Alcoa announced that it would discontinue its life insurance policy for retirees on December 31, 2019. However, the company is providing a minimal one-time discretionary cash payment to help offset the cost of other coverage. Retirees who did accept their minimum payment before February 29, 2020, automatically waived any claims for life insurance coverage from…
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How To Sell Parents House After Their Death

After a parent’s death, there will be grieving and mourning, but there are also some major responsibilities that come along with a death in the family if there is a house to sell, so here’s our helpful guide on how to sell your parents’ house after their death. This how-to sell parents’ house guide will…
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2022 State Regulated Life Insurance Program [DON’T Get Fooled By This!]

Is a state-regulated life insurance program a hoax? Thousands of people from different states have received letters or mail offering a state-regulated life insurance benefit that will pay for 100% of your funeral expenses up to $30,000 (TAX-FREE)…even if you have been turned down in the past. These programs ARE NOT FREE, and these companies…
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2022 Burial Life Insurance Sears Retirees

It’s no secret that Sears filed for bankruptcy in 2018. What may come as a surprise to some, however, is what happened to the life insurance policies of Sears retirees. After the company went bankrupt, the life insurance policies of these retirees were canceled. This leaves many people wondering what they should do now that…
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