How Pilgrim Burials Were Handled After the Mayflower Landed in the USA

If you want to know how burials were handled after the Mayflower landed in the USA, you’ve come to the right place! Pilgrim burials were relatively simple when Mayflower landed in the USA. The funerals didn’t include many of the rituals we perform at funerals today. Keep reading to discover why the settlers were buried…
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Buying Flowers for a Funeral - Funeral Flower Purchase

2022 Buying Flowers for a Funeral

Buying flowers for a funeral is a common way of expressing sympathy to the deceased’s family. They add beauty and fragrance and serve as a tribute to the deceased. Flowers symbolize love and compassion; the best way to express condolences is when you can’t find the words. Buying flowers for a funeral is a beautiful…
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Couple Wondering About Burial Insurance Medicaid

2022 Burial Insurance Medicaid

Does having burial insurance or life insurance affect Medicaid eligibility? We get this question often. Medicaid eligibility requirements differ by state, but they all stipulate burial insurance and how owning a policy will affect your eligibility. Do you already have a life insurance policy, or you’re considering purchasing one? This beneficial financial protection for your…
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Burial Insurance Calculator For Seniors

2022 Burial Insurance Calculator

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a burial insurance calculator to help you determine your funeral insurance rates and know how much burial insurance you will need in the future? After all, funerals can be expensive! It can cost you an arm and a leg if you don’t have a burial insurance policy to cover…
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How Much Does A Funeral Cost

How Much Does A Funeral Cost in 2022?

The average funeral cost has been rising steadily over the years. The median funeral cost has increased by 6.6% over the past five years, while cremation cost has increased by 11.3%. This article will help you understand all the costs involved in the funeral, burial, and cremation services to help you determine how much life…
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Man Thinking About Burial Insurance Human Composting

2022 Burial Insurance And Human Composting

Burial insurance human composting is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional burial and cremations that would revolutionize the funeral industry. Human composting or recomposition mimics the natural decomposition process and creates beneficial effects. With cemeteries filling up fast in rural areas, human composting would address space, accessibility, and environmental issues. Human remains will be placed inside…
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Preventing Identity Theft After Death Picture

2022 Preventing Identity Theft After Death

Preventing identity theft after death can save your family thousands of dollars from crooks seeking personal financial gain. Stealing the deceased identity is so easy, which is made even easier by public records. A reform in federal law in the 1990s created a loophole that allows fraudsters to obtain the Social Security information of recently…
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Woman Wondering About Burial Insurance Near Me

2022 Affordable Burial Insurance Near Me

If you’re wondering where to buy burial insurance near me, then you’ve come to the right place. More than a decade ago, you will need to call around multiple life insurance companies and talk to insurance agents to find a policy, and then find time from your busy schedule to meet them and fill out…
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Man Wondering About Burial Insurance For A Sister

2022 Burial Insurance For A Sister

We buy burial insurance for a sister to financially protect our loved ones when she dies. Getting final expense insurance is an affordable way to secure our family’s financial future. You’ll also find that it’s affordable to buy burial insurance for your sister as long as you have insurable interest and consent. By taking a…
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