MassMutual Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance Review

MassMutual Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance Review

MassMutual Guaranteed Acceptance life insurance was released in the market in September 2015 to help seniors and the elderly pay for the rising cost of a funeral. MassMutual has been aggressive in its TV commercial and online advertisement for this new product.

You probably saw the ad on TV, and you’re looking for more information about this new offering from MassMutual.

So what’s the deal?

They are offering you a whole life final expense life insurance with no medical exam and no health questions.

These policies are geared toward people between the ages of 50 and 75.

They guarantee your acceptance when you apply regardless of your health conditions. As long as you are within the age limits, you reside in the U.S, and you have the mental capacity to enter into a contract.

The guaranteed acceptance from MassMutual has a coverage amount that ranges from $2,000 to$25,000. Once you purchase a policy, your premium and the death benefit are fixed for your entire life.

MassMutual is one of the largest insurance providers in the country. But, is MassMutual guaranteed acceptance life insurance best for you?

We have put together a review of MassMutual guaranteed acceptance life insurance. In this Mass Mutual review, we will help you see if guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy from MassMutual is a good fit for you.













Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co. has been in business since May 15, 1851.

They are one of the largest U.S life insurance and financial planning company. They are ranked in the top one hundred of the Fortune 500. MassMutual delivered more than $5 billion in benefits to its customers.

They have more than $560 billion in life insurance coverage in force today. Also, they have an advisor force of more than 9,500 employees.

MassMutual has other affiliated companies. Here are their subsidiaries:

  • Barings LLC
  • First Mercantile Trust Company
  • Haven Life
  • M. Life Insurance Company
  • MML Bay State Life Insurance Company
  • MML Investors Services, LLC

As a mutual company, they have no shareholders and their policyholders own the company. Customers who buy life insurance and other products are eligible to receive dividend payments when the company earns well.

MassMutual estimates that it will pay out a dividend of $1.6 billion to eligible policyholders this year.


MassMutual started as a stock company by Massachusetts law, but they quickly shifted to a mutual company in 1867. The company began selling insurance plans to railway workers during the gold rush in the New England area.

The company started offering disability benefits on their policies in the early 1900s. It includes a waiver of premium for policyholders who become disabled.

During the great depression era, MassMutual added new products like family income protection.

In 1946 MassMutual ventured into group benefits, and the company continued to steadily grow in the post-WW2 years. The number of agents increases and their offices spread across the nation.

In the 1970s, MassMutual took a pioneering approach as they become the first company ever to offer flex-time to its employees.

In the 1980s, they reorganized the company by changing investment policies and introducing several new products – including universal life policies in 1981. They also offered mutual funds and other non-insurance products.

Into the 90s, MassMutual continues its expansion and diversification by acquiring other businesses.

As their profits increased, they began using the new marketing name MassMutual Financial Group in 1999. They had a record-setting growth in the 2000s with the acquisition of other life insurance companies and a focus on global expansion.

Mass Mutual has offices in several states but maintains its head office in Springfield, Massachusetts. They are now selling their original life insurance products, annuities and other investments through a vast network of advisors across the country.

MassMutual life insurance is ranked as the 10th largest life insurance company in the U.S. based on assets.


The financial strength and history of timely payment of claims earn MassMutual high ratings from different insurer rating agencies including:

A.M. Best – A++ (Superior)

Fitch Ratings – AA+ (Very Strong)

Standard & Poor’s – AA+ (Very Strong)

Moody’s Investors – Aa2 (Excellent)

Comdex Rating – 98 out of 100

BBB – A+ (although they are not an accredited company)


MassMutual offers a wide range of financial products and services to help clients plan for their financial future. These include the following:

Life insurance – MassMutual has a variety of term and permanent life insurance products, with many different options to choose from.

  • Whole life
  • Term Life
  • Universal Life
  • Variable Life
  • Guaranteed Acceptance

Disability Income Protection

Long-Term Care

Combination Life Insurance and Long-term Care Coverage

Medicare Supplement Insurance


  • Deferred Fixed
  • Fixed Indexed
  • Income
  • Variable

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) – Traditional and Roth

Mutual Funds

Exchange Traded Funds

529 College Savings Plans

Unit Investment Trusts

Advisory and Trust Services

Workplace Benefits – Employee benefits solutions, and retirement plans



MassMutual guaranteed acceptance or guaranteed issue life insurance is designed for people seeking burial insurance or final expense insurance to relieve their family from financial burden.

The primary objective of this type of policy is to cover medical bills, other debts, and funeral expenses. The plan is available to applicants age 50 to 75 with coverage between $2,000 and $25,000.

You can go through the application process without a medical exam and are not required to answer health questions. It means you cannot be declined coverage for any health reasons.

Acceptance is guaranteed to applicants who meet the age requirements.

Guaranteed final expense insurance by MassMutual is a whole life policy that offers the same benefits of a traditional whole life policy.

MassMutual life insurance rates are locked in. It will remain the same throughout the duration of the policy. You are guaranteed to pay the same premium your whole life.

Your death benefit face amount is guaranteed. It will never decrease for any reason. The company can not cancel the policy due to advancing age or health reasons as long as premiums are paid.

MassMutual final expense life insurance also has a guaranteed cash value that grows tax-deferred each year.

MassMutual guaranteed life insurance plans have graded death benefit. There is a two year waiting period. During the first two years, MassMutual life insurance will not pay your beneficiary a death benefit if you die from natural cause. They will only receive a return of premium plus interest.

You can get MassMutual life insurance quote for guaranteed acceptance from their website. MassMutual accepts life insurance claims via an online form, while other claims can be submitted through fax or mail. Claims can also be filed on Mass Mutual insurance phone number 800-272-2216.


MassMutual is a life insurance company with excellent financial stability, but they are not competitive when it comes to their guaranteed acceptance life insurance.

MassMutual guaranteed acceptance is much more expensive compared with other life insurance companies.

Many insurance companies offer the same guaranteed acceptance life insurance for a lower monthly premium. You can get the same thing for much less. Let me show you an example:

Let’s examine a 65-year-old male looking for a $10,000 of coverage:

  • MassMutual: $91.50 per month
  • Mutual of Omaha: $66.00 per month
  • Gerber Life: $68.29 per month
  • AIG: $73.09 per month

MassMutual is more than 20% more expensive than these three companies!

We checked more than a dozen different ages, and coverage amounts and MassMutual showed 20% to 40% more expensive. There is definitely no reason to buy MassMutual guaranteed acceptance life insurance when there are other companies that offer the same coverage at a lower price.

If you’re looking for a burial insurance policy to cover your final expenses, we can get you coverage from other top-rated companies like Mutual of Omaha and Gerber Life at a lower cost.

MassMutual advertising is very misleading

MassMutual advertises that you can get a final expense insurance policy for less than $10 per month. It can lead you to think that their life insurance product is very affordable.

But the truth is you would have to be a 50-year-old woman to buy a $2,000 worth of coverage for $10 a month. Also, that’s not going to be enough to pay for your final expenses.

MassMutual offers coverage from $2,000 to $25,000 with a two year waiting period which they don’t mention on their TV ads, and they hide it in their fine print. Granted this two-year waiting period is the same with all insurance carriers offering guaranteed issue life insurance. We just wish the TV ads mentioned this fact and not bury it in the fine print.

MassMutual does not offer immediate coverage

MassMutual only provides guaranteed acceptance policies as final expense insurance. This plan does not offer immediate coverage because it does not have underwriting.

It has a two year waiting period before the policy can be in force.

Plans with a medical exam or health questions offer immediate coverage to qualify. 95% of people qualify for better plans and pricing than a guaranteed issue policy from Mass Mutual.

The only way to get a plan that protects you immediately from day one is to apply for a plan that has health questions or medical underwriting.


Guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy is extremely expensive for the smaller coverage amount you can buy since MassMutual or any insurance carrier offering guaranteed acceptance don’t verify your health information.

Guaranteed acceptance policies are convenient, but we recommend it as a last resort only if you can’t qualify for any other types of life insurance with underwriting.

If you are a senior citizen with some health issues which may cause you not to qualify for a fully underwritten policy, we advise you to apply for a simplified issue final expense life insurance no exam, you just need to answer a few health questions.

A simplified issue policy accepts many health problems than policies with a medical exam.

You will only need to answer basic health questions with a simplified issue, and the premiums are lower than a guaranteed acceptance. You can also find simplified issue term life insurance and universal life insurance policies. So, whole life insurance is not your only option.

Some medical conditions may prevent you from getting a simplified issue life insurance.

You should only purchase guaranteed acceptance or guaranteed issue policy if:

  • You have kidney failure and you’re on dialysis 
  • You have cognitive impairments like dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.
  • You’re wheelchair-bound
  • You’re residing in a nursing home or care facility
  • You have HIV
  • If you are diagnosed with cancer or kidney disease in the previous two years.

Guaranteed issue life insurance has minimal coverage amount; you can only purchase $5,000 to $25,000.

It only covers the funeral and final expenses. Funeral cost is about $10,000 on the average, so guaranteed issue can provide just enough for the end-of-life expenses. But, if you need coverage to pay off the mortgage or send a child to school, guaranteed issue insurance may not be large enough to cover everything.

Being a senior citizen with severe health problems, you should be aware that guaranteed issue policies have a two to three-year waiting period. If you die during the waiting period due to natural cause, your beneficiary won’t get 100% death benefit.

Instead, they’ll get the return on payment plus interest. The interest rates depend on the insurance carrier, but they typically offer 10%.


If you want to get the best life insurance rates from MassMutual – or any of the top-rated final expense life insurance companies, we suggest you work with an independent life insurance broker like Funeral Funds.

There are hundreds of insurance carriers, and MassMutual is only one of them. Don’t waste your time and effort calling different insurance companies; let us gather all the quotes for you.

You don’t have to buy MassMutual guaranteed acceptance life insurance when other companies offer the exact same coverage at a cheaper price.

Call us at (888) 862-9456, and we will see if you can qualify for life insurance with immediate coverage.

Guaranteed acceptance policy should be your last option.

If you can’t qualify for other types of life insurance coverage, we will compare dozens of life insurance companies offering guaranteed acceptance coverage to show you the best option. This will help you choose the best plan based on your specific needs.


TV AND MAGAZINE ADVERTISEMENTS – Most burial policies or final expense policies you see advertised on television or in magazines are sold as “the no-brainer way” to shop for this protection.

In reality, most of these policies rely on you having NO BRAIN to purchase them.

Just about everyone is eligible for immediate coverage and better pricing allowed by these heavily advertised policies that cost an arm and leg.

To make a long story short, it is better to shop for burial policies with a specialist in burial insurance, like, than to sign up with a company that spends ba-zillions of dollars each month advertising on television and in magazines.

Increasing Price Policies

Those TV and magazine final expense policies may increase in price every five years or have a two-year waiting period before your benefits kick in! What in tarnation!?!

These policies aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, and you often end up at the short end of the stick by purchasing burial insurance this way.

These tricky television magazine snake oil salesmen lure you in with an attractive rate, only to have the cost of your insurance increase every five years until you cannot afford the premiums, then you must cancel your policy.

What happens after you cancel the policy?

You’ll die and will have wasted all that money because you bought a policy that increases in price as you get older. These policies just don’t cut the mustard for most folks!

Avoid policies that increase in price every year or end at a certain age. You don’t want your family to get hung out to dry when they need this coverage the most.

Why choose Funeral Funds for my burial policy?

Most life insurance agents are fine, respectable people.

There are, however, the classic “snake oil” life insurance agents, who will sell you the easiest and most expensive policy possible.

The guaranteed issue folks claim you don’t even need to talk to an agent (but you will need to wait 2 years for your coverage to begin…even if you’re healthy). Answering a few health questions will often get you immediate coverage and MUCH better rates.

Avoid these people at all costs!

For the rest of the life insurance agents, who are fine respectable people, they are most often generalists.

They deal with all kinds of life insurance policies.

They are Jack of all trades and Masters of none.

They are nice people, but they are not the logical choice if you want the best pricing and a burial insurance policy with no waiting period.

We work with 20+ final expense companies, so we can get you qualified for the best price plan with the intent of getting folks like you immediate coverage when possible.

We have to admit that, for the average burial insurance final expense insurance shopper, all the companies and options will often leave you more confused than a woodpecker in a concrete forest.


The reality is that inexperienced and less knowledgeable insurance agents will cost you loads of money by selling you overpriced burial and final expense policies.

Getting on affordable burial or final expense policy doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

Our job at Funeral Funds is to be the most knowledgeable burial insurance experts available. By doing so, we can knock it out of the park and get you the most accurate quote from final expense insurance companies.

Once we know more about your age and health history, we can accurately give you burial insurance quotes from the final expense companies that are the best fit for you.

It is always in your best interest to work with an independent brokerage, such as Funeral Funds.

With access to all the best final expense insurance companies, we will help you understand your best options, given your current age, health, and financial situation.


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