Estate Liquidation
Couple Thinking About Funeral Trust Pros and Cons

Funeral Trust Pros and Cons

You should undoubtedly consider Funeral Trust pros and cons to help you decide whether to use a funeral trust. One way to pre-pay for your funeral is to set up a funeral trust to pay the cost of your funeral, burial and final expenses. Some of the benefits of a funeral trust are the peace…
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Family Wondering How to Liquidate Assets After Parents' Death

How to Liquidate Assets After Parents’ Death

How to liquidate assets after parents’ death is a common problem among siblings. Some families suffer a lot of stress when the time comes to settle the parent’s estate with siblings. There can be some disagreements about who should get what property. In some cases, these disagreements can cause damage to personal relationships. When your…
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Burial Insurance For Parents - Have This Discussion Today

Burial Insurance for Parents

Losing a parent is a painful and emotional experience, no matter how old you are. Thinking about your parents no longer being a part of your life could be your biggest fear come to life. The pain of losing them will be doubled if you have to worry about paying for the funeral among other…
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