Burial Planning & Estate Liquidation

You may be wondering, “Can I buy life insurance on my mother, or will she need to purchase the policy herself?” You may be asking this question because you are worried about what would happen if your mother will pass away without life insurance.  Who would pay for her burial or cremation in the first.. More

Payable on death account pros and cons must be considered before opening an account so that you know what to expect. You should work with an estate-planning lawyer to weigh the advantages and disadvantages bearing in mind your other options for estate planning and avoiding probate. Payable on death account might be a good idea.. More

Term life conversion to whole life is possible. Most term life insurance policies sold in the market today come with a conversion feature that lets you convert some or all of your term life insurance policy into a permanent life like whole life, variable or universal. Your reasons for buying a life insurance policy may.. More

Borrowing against cash value is simple because there are no loan requirements aside from the total cash value you have in your policy. You can use the life insurance policy loan for any purpose and pay back whenever you can. You can also take a life insurance policy loan to pay your premiums on the.. More

When a loved one dies, the process of getting all the paperwork and planning the funeral service can be overwhelming (especially for the person left in charge). A loved one’s death can be confusing and emotional. This can cloud peoples thinking, making funeral planning difficult. An unexpected death can leave you unprepared to handle the.. More

How to liquidate assets after parents’ death is a common problem among siblings. Some families suffer a lot of stress when the time comes to settle the parent’s estate with siblings. There can be some disagreements about who should get what property. In some cases, these disagreements can cause damage to personal relationships. When your.. More

It is essential to know prepaid funeral pros and cons to determine if it’s right for you or if there are better alternatives to prepare for the inevitable. In this article, we will help you explore your options to be able to make a wise buying decision. Experts have different opinions on prepaid funeral funds,.. More

How to get burial insurance for terminally ill patients? You might ask if you just found out you have a terminal illness and wondering if you could still buy burial insurance to protect your family from debt. Yes, you can get burial insurance even if you’re diagnosed with terminal illness. However, you need to be.. More

Losing someone you love is a painful experience especially if you don’t know how to pay for a funeral without life insurance. Dealing with the weight of financial burden makes the experience even more difficult. Dying without life insurance is a serious matter. Think about what will your family do when faced with that situation. They.. More