About Us

We are an independent national life insurance agency licensed in 50 states. Founded in 2008, our national headquarters is located near Dallas, TX.

We are a 100% “virtual agency” where employees and support staff are allowed to work from home.

No traffic jams, fuel costs, wear and tear on vehicles, and saving hours of commute time daily results in happier and more productive team members to help and support our clients.

Our team will price shop all the best insurance companies to help people get approved for 1st-day coverage or benefits to pay for their future burial, cremation, funeral, or final expense costs.

Once approved, your low rates will be locked in for life, and your coverage will never go down or expire. If you want to add more coverage later, you can do that with us.

You pay nothing extra for our price shopping and underwriting expertise, and you will always pay the lowest price each insurance company offers.

Our Specialty Is You


We offer only burial, cremation, funeral, or final expense life insurance with first-day coverage or benefits (no 2-year waiting period).


We help people 100% over the phone. No need for someone to come to your house and make purchasing insurance uncomfortable.

We Keep It Simple

What we do is simple, straightforward, and easy to understand.

  • Your policy will have 1st-day coverage or benefits
  • Your coverage starts from your first payment
  • Your rates will never increase
  • Your coverage will never decrease
  • You will have cash value protection
  • Your coverage will last at least to age 121
  • We can help you add more coverage later
  • Cash benefit payout typically within 24-48 hours

No Tricks, Scams, Deceptive Tactics

Companies that offer “state-regulated life insurance program$9.95 per unit plans, 2-year waiting period only policies or temporary term life insurance will often say almost anything to get you to buy from them.

The truth should always be a company’s moral compass, and if a company has problems being truthful with you from its first marketing contact or advertisement, things won’t get better over time.

Companies that engage in deceptive marketing and misleading advertising should never be trusted.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

How To Apply & Get Approved

It generally takes 11-13 minutes on the phone with us to determine your insurance needs and perform some preliminary underwriting to see who will approve you for the lowest rates.

After that, It takes about 15 minutes on the phone with an insurance company to get you approved.

No money is needed immediately to get approved, and you can have your plan start on any day of the month you want.

Most people prefer their monthly draft to coincide with their social security, retirement, or pension payday.

Who Is Not A Good Fit

There are three basic requirements for you to work with us.

  1. You must meet age requirements (determined by each insurance company)
  2. You must be a US Citizen or a Permanent Resident
  3. You must have a valid checking or savings account with a bank or credit union.

We do not accept clients with payment methods such as: mailing in checks, paying with credit or debit cards, or paying with a government Direct Express card.

These forms of payment have the highest lapse rate percentage due to people forgetting to put their payment back on their card after a theft, card loss, card expiration, or card replacement.

Offering permanent life insurance with a high-lapse payment method does not serve our clients at the highest level.

Compensation Transparency

Each insurance company must offer the same price to every contracted agent.

By providing credible and dependable information and the lowest rates for our clients, Funeral Funds of America receives compensation (commission) from the insurance companies we are licensed and contracted with.

That commission gets paid directly to our company, and all our agents are non-commission employees. We do not make recommendations based on how much commission we earn.

Our recommendations are based on who will approve you for 1st-day coverage or benefits at the lowest rates.

We only get paid for submitting quality business that we can verify is in the best interest of our clients.

This means you will never get a lower price from the same company by going with another company other than Funeral Funds of America.

You will never be pressured into buying something that you don’t want or something that makes you uncomfortable.

Captive Life Insurance Companies

Some companies only sell their own insurance products (these are called captive agencies) that are often expensive and come with a two-year waiting period or other features that most Insurance shoppers find unappealing ( such as those $9.95 plans). We don’t work with or recommend these companies.

Companies We Represent

Here is a list of insurance companies we are licensed and authorized to help our clients with.

Accendo Insurance Company
American General Life Insurance Company
American National Insurance Company
American-Amicable Life Insurance Company of Texas
Americo Financial Life and Annuity Insurance Company
Assurity Life Insurance Company
Christian Fidelity Life Insurance Company
Family Life Insurance Company
Gerber Life Insurance Company
Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company
Independent Order Foresters
Liberty Bankers Life Insurance Company

Life Insurance Company of the Southwest
Lifeshield National Insurance Co.
Mutual Of Omaha Insurance Company
Oxford Life Insurance Company
PHL Variable Insurance Company
Protective Life Insurance Company
Pruco Life Insurance Company
Royal Neighbors of America
S.USA Life Insurance Company, Inc.
Savings Bank Mutual Life Insurance Company of Massachusetts
Trinity Life Insurance Company
United Home Life Insurance Company
United of Omaha Life Insurance Company

Each insurance company is solely responsible for the life-long financial obligations for the products it issues.

About Our CEO and Owner

Randy VanderVaate is the CEO and Owner of Funeral Funds of America.

Randy and his team help people find the most affordable 1st-day coverage for burial, cremation, funeral, and final expenses.

His non-commissioned agents and sales staff will always provide you with the best service, support, and pricing.

Randy can be reached at (888) 862-9456.

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