Burial insurance build chart

2022 Burial Insurance and Build Chart

There are some things you need to know about burial insurance build charts when purchasing final expense insurance. Almost all life insurance companies have build charts or weight tables that determine the minimum and maximum height and weight limits. Some insurance companies rely on a build chart to determine your risk class. They also use…
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2022 Burial Insurance for CBD Oil Users

If you use CBD oil and have a prescription for medical marijuana, you can qualify for burial insurance for CBD Oil users. Even with other health issues, you can still qualify for burial insurance regardless of your CBD oil use. Life insurance companies look at marijuana byproduct users differently. Some insurance companies are still very conservative,…
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2022 Burial Insurance Contestability Period

A burial insurance contestability period is the first two years in which the insurance companies can investigate and deny claims if they find evidence of misrepresentation from the insured person. Your burial insurance contestability period begins on the first day your policy is in for. If you die within the contestability period, the company has…
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Woman Wondering How To Find Affordable Burial Insurance With A Pacemaker

2022 Affordable Burial Insurance with a Pacemaker

While having a pacemaker may complicate the process of getting burial insurance, you can still get funeral or burial life insurance with a pacemaker. If you had been denied life insurance in the past due to your pacemaker, there is hope for you! Don’t assume that if you have been denied coverage before that you…
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How to Get Power Of Attorney On Your Parents

If you are like most people, you want to do everything possible to protect your parents in case of an emergency; one way to do this is by getting power of attorney for them. This will give you the legal authority to make decisions on their behalf if they are unable to do so themselves.…
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Woman Wondering How Much Does Burial Insurance Cost

How much does final expense insurance cost?

The cost of an average funeral can cost an arm and leg if you do not have a final expense insurance policy to cover it. Funerals are expensive, so you probably want to know how much does burial insurance cost. Understanding how much is needed to provide your loved one the funeral they deserve is…
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2022 Lose It Review For Seniors (Age 50-85)

Our Lose It review for seniors will provide you with an in-depth look at this weight loss app. Seniors who become overweight or obese due to lack of exercise and poor diet choices increase their chances for serious health consequences. As more seniors are using smartphones and tablets, apps for weight loss are becoming increasingly…
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Men Wondering What is Burial Insurance

What is Burial Insurance?

What is burial insurance? Since many people are asking us a lot of questions about burial insurance, we decided to give you a complete guide to burial insurance. Burial insurance, also known as a funeral or final expense insurance, is a helpful financial tool to pay for your final expenses. It is an excellent way…
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Funeral Planning Checklist Image

Funeral Planning Checklist

If you want to plan ahead for your funeral or your loved one, our Funeral Planning Checklist will help you in making sure nothing is forgotten. Funeral planning can be challenging, but you can use this funeral planning checklist to help guide you. Many of the arrangements can be planned ahead, which will lessen the…
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