Does having burial insurance or life insurance affect Medicaid eligibility? We get this question often. Medicaid eligibility requirements differ by state, but they all have stipulations about burial insurance and how owning a policy will affect your eligibility. Do you already have a life insurance policy or you’re considering purchasing one? This beneficial financial protection.. More

Is there such thing as burial insurance no questions asked? Yes, there is! Burial insurance and no questions asked offers you the ability to get insurance coverage without a medical exam or health questions. If you’ve been declined coverage in the past because of pre-existing medical condition burial insurance with no questions asked is your.. More

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Obtaining burial insurance for smokers, ex, and current smoker is easy. When you apply for a burial insurance policy, you will never need to take a medical exam. Additionally, you won’t need to provide doctor’s records or undergo a lab test. You will only need to answer some basic health questions! Depending on what type.. More

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Getting approved for burial insurance with substance abuse can be challenging, especially if you don’t know where to look. The problem lies with most insurance providers wanting to see a successful history of sobriety before approving coverage to a drug user. Here’s the good news… You can always qualify for life insurance even if you.. More