Couple Thinking About Burial Insurance with Mental Illness

2022 Burial Insurance with Mental Illness

If you want affordable burial insurance with a mental illness, most final expense companies will accept applicants with this condition with open arms. Most applicants will qualify for a first-day coverage plan. This is true even if you have been hospitalized within the last 24 months. Each life insurance provider has its unique approval guidelines,…
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2022 Burial Insurance with Liver Disease

Finding the most affordable burial insurance with liver disease is possible. Depending on what type of liver disease you have, you can even qualify for first-day coverage and no waiting period. There are many different types of liver disease, and we are experts in making sure you get the best plan at the rate you…
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2022 Burial Insurance with Cirrhosis of the Liver

Are you having trouble finding affordable burial insurance with Cirrhosis of the liver? Don’t worry. We are experts at helping clients with cirrhosis get burial insurance. At Funeral Funds, we specialize in high-risk life insurance and we have access to the best high-risk insurance companies. It’s going to be a big time-saver for you! Read…
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2022 Burial Insurance With Hepatitis B

Qualifying for burial insurance with Hepatitis B is possible. If you suffer from Hepatitis B, or are still infected and currently undergoing treatment, there are insurance options available for you. In this article, we are going to tell you the best way to qualify for funeral and final expense life insurance when you have Hepatitis…
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2022 Burial Insurance with Hepatitis C

Getting affordable burial insurance with Hepatitis C is possible. Having Hepatitis C won’t stop you from getting the insurance coverage you need. The most critical factor affecting life insurance eligibility with Hepatitis C is choosing the right life insurance company. Working with an insurance agency like Funeral Funds which has access to A-rated insurance carriers…
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Burial Insurance for Native Americans - Get the best rates

2022 Burial Insurance for Native Americans

Native Americans can apply for burial insurance to pay for the funeral, burial, and other expenses associated with death. Burial insurance can provide financial support to tribal members following the death of a loved one. Many companies offer affordable burial insurance for Native Americans. We can help you qualify for burial insurance with first-day coverage…
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2022 Burial Insurance with Fatty Liver Disease

Finding the most affordable burial insurance with fatty liver disease is easier than you think. In fact, there are companies that will offer you first-day benefits if you have this condition. We can point you in the right direction to get affordable coverage and help you get approved much faster and more conveniently than doing…
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2022 Burial Insurance with Sleep Apnea

Many individuals searching for burial insurance with sleep apnea think they are uninsurable. Nothing could be further from the truth and this misconception is entirely false! If you have sleep apnea and have no other significant health issues, you will be easily approved with our plans. You can get first-day coverage from various companies. It…
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2022 Burial Insurance with Leukemia

Finding burial insurance with Leukemia can be challenging for the average person looking to purchase burial insurance coverage because cancer is one health condition that almost every life insurance company asks about. Getting burial insurance with leukemia is possible. As a matter of fact, if you’ve just been diagnosed with leukemia, you can still qualify…
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