2024 Burial Insurance with Sarcoidosis

Burial insurance with sarcoidosis is possible. The truth is sarcoidosis is not an issue with most insurance providers. In fact, you will hardly see them asking about it in their health questions on the application. So, if you have sarcoidosis and have no other significant medical conditions, you will be quickly approved for coverage. This…
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Declined-for-Life-Insurance-–- What-To-Do

Declined for Life Insurance – What To Do Now? 2024 Update

While being declined for life insurance is never a good experience, it is not a dead end when securing financial protection for your family. If you had been “rated” or “declined” for coverage in the past, it doesn’t mean that you have to live without life insurance in the future. It just means that you…
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The Importance of Burial Insurance

You need to understand the importance of burial insurance so you can leave your family with peace of mind knowing they will not suffer financially after you pass on. Burial insurance guards against financial hardships by providing cash for all costs associated with the funeral and burial. Most families will have difficulty finding burial and…
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Funeral Plan Insurance Policies – 2024 Update

Funeral plan insurance policies, also known as funeral plans and preneed funeral insurance, are one of the ways to have peace of mind knowing your funeral cost will be covered when you pass away. It’s possible to have the cost of the funeral covered in advance to save your family from having to pay for…
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