Burial Insurance for Hospice Patients

I often get calls from family members of terminally ill people wanting to know if they can get hospice burial insurance for their loved ones. They hope that even though they or their family member did no financial planning for cremation, burial, or final expense costs, there will be an insurance company that will pay…
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Burial Insurance for Overweight and Obese People

Burial insurance for overweight and obese people is possible to get. However, most final expense life companies do have “build charts” that identify what height and weights for applicants that they will accept. You can qualify for policies with the lowest rates if you avoid companies that ask about your height and weight. There are…
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Burial Insurance for the Blind

Affordable burial insurance for the blind is easier to get than you think. Most blind people can qualify for burial insurance or final expense insurance to protect their families in the future. We can help you buy the most affordable life insurance from A-rated companies, whether you are blind or have other health conditions. There…
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Nursing Home Checklist: Find The Best Nursing Home!

Our “Nursing Home Checklist” will help you find a skilled nursing facility that will provide a wide range of health and personal care services for you or your loved one. Choosing a nursing home is one of the hardest decisions we have to make for ourselves and to our loved ones. The fact that we…
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Medicaid Spend Down Rules on Life Insurance image

Medicaid Spend Down Rules on Life Insurance

Medicaid “spend down” rules on life insurance are important if you have an elderly parent who needs a long-term nursing home or assisted living care. If you or your parent lack the money for such care, you may consider helping your parent apply for Medicaid – a welfare program that offers medical coverage to eligible…
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Mushroom Burial Suit for Green Burial

Have you heard of a mushroom burial suit for green burial? The mushroom burial suit or Infinity Suit is a new concept in green burial. It starting gaining popularity in 2016. The idea of mushroom burial suit is the brainchild of artist and entrepreneur Jae Rhim Lee who studied mycoremediation – the science of using…
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Burial Life Insurance for Alcoa Retirees

Burial life insurance for Alcoa retirees is now needed because Alcoa announced on December 4, 2019, that the company is ending the life insurance coverage for its 8,900 retirees on December 31, 2019. This move by the eighth-largest producer of aluminum is part of a larger strategy for Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA) to cut…
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How Pilgrim Burials Were Handled After the Mayflower Landed in the USA

If you want to know how burials were handled after the Mayflower landed in the USA, you’ve come to the right place! Pilgrim burials were relatively simple when Mayflower landed in the USA. The funerals didn’t include many of the rituals we perform at funerals today. Keep reading to find out why the settlers were…
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Burial Insurance with Graves’ Disease

Getting affordable burial insurance with Graves’ disease is possible. Most burial insurance companies don’t even ask or care about this condition. Once diagnosed, Graves’ disease can be easily managed by either prescribing radioactive iodine or other medications, which will help control the over-productive thyroid gland. Your doctor may also recommend removing the thyroid gland. Either…
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