2024 Burial Insurance with Retinopathy

Having retinopathy will not prevent you from qualifying for burial insurance with first-day coverage. You may also be eligible for cremation, funeral, whole life insurance, or final expense life insurance with many companies we work with.

Some companies we work with even offer first-day coverage plans depending on the state you live in.

If you or someone you love suffers from diabetic retinopathy, keep reading to know your options and find affordable coverage.


What Is Diabetic Retinopathy?

Diabetic retinopathy is a serious eye disease that can cause vision loss and blindness in people with diabetes. It affects the retina, the light-sensitive layer of tissue at the back of the eye.

High blood sugar levels can damage the blood vessels in the retina. This damage can cause the blood vessels to leak fluid or bleed. It can also cause abnormal new blood vessels to grow on the surface of the retina. These changes can lead to vision loss.

Diabetic retinopathy usually develops over time. In the early stages, there may be no symptoms. However, as the disease progresses, people with diabetic retinopathy may experience:

  • Floaters (seeing spots or cobwebs in your vision)
  • Blurred vision
  • Difficulty seeing at night
  • Loss of central vision

Life insurance companies assess your health risks before issuing a policy and setting a premium. Since diabetic retinopathy is a potential complication of diabetes and can lead to vision problems, it might be seen as an increased risk factor. 

By taking care of your health and being proactive, you can increase your chances of getting favorable life insurance coverage despite having diabetic retinopathy.

Can I Get Burial Insurance If I Have Retinopathy?

Yes, as long as you apply to the right company. To qualify with some companies, you must take your prescribed medications and follow your doctor’s health care recommendations.

What Is My Best Insurance Option If I Have Retinopathy?

DIAGNOSED WITH RETINOPATHY – You may qualify for first-day coverage insurance with no waiting period. When you pass away, your beneficiary will receive 100% of your total death benefit.

NEEDING HELP WITH ACTIVITIES OF DAILY LIVING – If blind because of retinopathy, you may need help with activities of daily living. Activities of Daily Living include eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, and continence. If you can do ADL independently, you may qualify for first-day coverage insurance with no waiting period. Your beneficiary will receive your total death benefit when you pass away.

Your best insurance coverage option is to get a guaranteed issue burial insurance. The downside of this insurance plan is that it comes with a two-year waiting period. If you pass away during the waiting period, your beneficiary will receive the return of premiums plus 7-10% interest.

If you require home health care because of your retinopathy, your best option is to apply for a guaranteed issue whole life insurance burial policy.

Do I Need to Take a Medical Exam to Qualify For Burial Insurance?

No. You only need to answer basic questions about your health. The life insurance application process is simple; you don’t need to provide medical records or blood and urine samples.

You’ll often get the official approval from the insurance company within minutes!

How Much Does Burial Insurance Cost If I Have Retinopathy?

The burial insurance rates will depend on your:

  • Age
  • Coverage amount
  • Gender
  • State of residence
  • Smoking status
  • Type of policy

Burial Insurance Underwriting For Retinopathy

Here are some common ways diabetic retinopathy is asked in and insurance company health questionnaire:

  • In the past two years, have you been diagnosed, treated, tested positive for, taken medications or been prescribed medications for, or been advised by a licensed physician or other health care provider for insulin shock, diabetic coma, eye or kidney problems due to complications from diabetes?
  • In the previous 24 months, have you been medically diagnosed or treated for diabetes, uncontrolled diabetes, or diabetes complications, including circulation, amputation, coma, insulin shock numbness, and eye or kidney disorder?
  • Within the previous two years, have you had or been diagnosed or advised to receive treatment or medication for diabetic complications such as insulin shock, diabetic coma, neuropathy (nerve, circulatory), retinopathy (eye), or nephropathy (kidney).

Some of the more common prescription medications for retinopathy include:

  • Aflibercept
  • Eylea
  • Lucentis
  • Ranibizumab

What If I’m Declined Coverage Due To Retinopathy?

If you’ve been declined, we can often help you get approved with another insurance company that does not ask about diabetic retinopathy.

We recommend a 2-year waiting period policy option only as a last resort because GI policy is the most expensive form of coverage. 

Information We Need If You Have Retinopathy

We will ask you some health questions to better understand your health and provide you with the best recommendation. 

Some questions we may ask include:

  • Are you using oral medications?
  • Have any new medications been added in the past 12 months?
  • Have you ever experienced a diabetic coma?
  • Have you experienced insulin shock?
  • When do you start using insulin?

How To Get First-Day Coverage If You Have Retinopathy

The best way to get first-day coverage burial insurance is by working with an independent agency like Funeral Funds. Our independent agents can locate the best insurance companies that understand your diabetic retinopathy and issue first-day coverage insurance.

How Can Funeral Funds Help Me?

Here at Funeral Funds, we specialize in getting life insurance coverage for applicants with retinopathy.

We work with many A+ rated insurance carriers that specialize in high-risk clients. We will search for those companies to find the best life insurance rates. We’ll match you up with your best life insurance option.

We will assist you in securing the coverage you need at a rate you can afford. So, if you want to get affordable life insurance with retinopathy, we can help. Fill out our quote form on this page or call us at (888)862-9456 to get accurate burial insurance quotes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does diabetic retinopathy disqualify you for final expense insurance?

No. Many people qualify for first-day coverage if they apply to the right company.

Is it hard to get life insurance if you have diabetic retinopathy?

Most people with diabetic retinopathy will still qualify for life insurance. Some plans even offer first-day coverage.

Is life insurance expensive for diabetics with retinopathy?

No, Most people find their rates affordable if they go with the right company.

Can you get funeral insurance with retinopathy?

Yes, these plans can cover all funeral expenses so that your family won’t have to pay a penny out of their own pocket.

How does diabetic retinopathy affect life insurance?

Severe diabetic retinopathy that results in blindness, in combination with needing help with activities of daily living, may not qualify for every plan available.

Can you get cremation insurance with retinopathy?

Yes, this insurance can cover cremation costs, which are often significantly lower than burial costs. 

What is the best option if you have diabetic retinopathy?

A first-day coverage plan is your best option if you have diabetic retinopathy. 


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