Editorial Guidelines

Truth & Accuracy

Providing accurate and reliable information on life insurance coverage and qualification requirements it’s our highest priority.

Our website visitors rely on us for accurate information and unbiased professional, well-informed opinions. We follow strict procedural, editorial, and ethical guidelines to help our current and future clients make the right financial decisions.

Everything we provide on our website is 100% free, and our clients benefit from our advanced insurance knowledge and business relationships.

Advertisers, insurance companies, or other insurance organizations do not influence us. We don’t favor one company over another, and our services result and no added cost for our clients or website visitors.

We always place our client’s financial needs before ours or the insurance companies. As a result, we will always be able to articulate exactly why we recommend one insurance company (or policy) over another so that our clients will never have to second-guess our motivations or intentions.

Editorial Process

Most other insurance and financial websites make money from advertisements or referral partnerships, often leading to bad advice and overpriced life insurance solutions.

Our CEO and owner, Randy VanderVaate, is responsible for all content and educational materials on FuneralFunds.com. He is an insurance agent licensed in 50 states and has been licensed to sell insurance since 2015.

His content and opinions reflect his desire to be an advocate for his clients to get them the best coverage at the lowest pricing they qualify for.

All content is based on his personal and professional experience, consulting with industry professionals, and professional relationships with third-party experts.

All published content is fact-checked for accuracy, appropriateness, relevancy, and timeliness. All errors are corrected immediately. Contact us immediately if any information needs to be corrected, modified, or updated.

Our Advantage

The advantages of visiting our website and working with Funeral Funds Of America:

  • We will compare all the top-rated insurance companies to get you the lowest pricing
  • We only help people with first-day coverage for benefits
  • We take care of the whole application process from start to finish over the phone.
  • You never have to leave the comfort of your house to get approved for the best policy.
  • We will be your agent to help you with your coverage for the rest of your life.
  • We make that easy for you if you want to add more coverage later.
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