Planning For A Funeral
How Much Does A Funeral Cost

How Much Does A Funeral Cost in 2022?

The average funeral cost has been rising steadily over the years. The median funeral cost has increased by 6.6% over the past five years, while cremation cost has increased by 11.3%. This article will help you understand all the costs involved in the funeral, burial, and cremation services to help you determine how much life…
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The Importance of Burial Insurance in 2022

You need to understand the importance of burial insurance so you can leave your family with peace of mind knowing they will not suffer financially after you pass on. Burial insurance guards against financial hardships by providing cash for all costs associated with the funeral and burial. Most families will have difficulty finding burial and…
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Man Wondering About PREPAID FUNERAL Pro's and Con's

2022 PREPAID FUNERAL – Pros and Cons

Knowing prepaid funeral pros and cons is essential to determine if it’s right for you or if there are better alternatives to prepare for the inevitable. This article will help you explore your options to make a wise buying decision. Experts have different opinions on prepaid funeral funds, but they all agree that we must…
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