Funeral Funds Client Reviews

#473 – “He (agent) was very understanding and very patient. Friendly, easy to talk to.”

Cynthia B. – Eldon, MO

#472 – “I would recommend this policy. The agent was very professional, very knowledgeable and explained everything to my satisfaction. He answered all of my questions. He helped me obtain the best life insurance policy according to my needs. I like the plan I purchased because it has no waiting period, the price won’t increase as I get older, the price won’t increase every year, it won’t end at a certain age, and the policy has the best pricing.”

Helen S. – Opelousas, LA

#471 – “Randy was very helpful and friendly. The coverage and pricing were within my budget. Low pricing, easy to apply.”

Bill M. – Ashville, OH

#470 – “Was very helpful explained everything to me. Spoke so he could be understood. He was very pleasant to talk to see. Low prices and easy to apply and a very pleasant agent.”

Larry G. – Madison, IN

#469 – “Very professional and very knowledgeable as well as friendly and kind. Good coverage, pricing, same day coverage.”

Julie D. – Bay Town, TX

#468 – “I feel that I was helped tremendously, and the agent was courteous, kind and professional. Within my budget.”

Florine S. – East Chicago, IN

#467 – “Agent was very helpful, found a plan that worked for me. Low prices”

Barbara B. – Chattanooga, TN

#466 – “Randy found a whole life policy for me that has immediate coverage. No waiting period. The price was right for the coverage amount.”

Glenda P. – Auburn, GA

#465 – “Randy was very kind and helpful. He replaced my Colonial Penn policy with more coverage at less cost. I will send all family and friends to him. Thank you!”

Pauline P. – Killeen, TX

#464 – “Pricing and coverage was great. Easy to apply.”

Charles I. – Russell Springs, KY

#463 – “Randy was very informative and patient with getting me approved for life insurance when no other agent could. I like that I can access accelerated death benefit payment, and low monthly payment.”

Danielle N. – Kansas City, MO

#462 – “Kind, knowledgeable and patient. He found a plan to fit my needs/budget. Starts immediately, doesn’t expire until I’m 121 y/o, great price that won’t change. Reps many companies so you get the best fit for your needs. Easy apply and qualify. Low prices.”

Jeri T. – Long Beach, CA

#461 – “Agent Randy helped me out and was very patient with me and gave me twice the coverage for less money. Low prices easy to apply.”

Rachel P. – South Bend, IN

#460 – “My agent Randy was more than helpful and made this process so easy and understanding. I am referring others to him. I have searched multiple plans and this was the best pricing and coverage. Low prices, easy to apply, and agent was a joy to speak with.”

Sherrie A. – Cordova, TN

#459 – “The agent was extremely helpful! I will recommend this site to everyone searching for life insurance. Great price and it’s whole life.Easy and great coverage. Easy and great coverage. Great price, knowledgeable service. Call and get your quote!!”

Barbara Y. – Delaware, OH

#458 – “Funeral insurance pricing and coverage I can afford.”

Molly H. – Raymond, OH

#457 – “Great service. Coverage I wanted at an affordable price. Wonderful agent.”

Margaret W. – Lexington, NC

#456 – “Made it so easy, and just what I was looking for. Easy to apply and the right price.”

Anita H. – Sand Springs, OH

#455 – “He was to my knowledge was honest and knowledgeable of what my needs were. Low prices”

Renita J. – Toledo, OH

#454 – “I was totally satisfied with our agent. Easy to apply, lower prices I have ever seen!”

Judy M. – Kingston, OK

#453 – “Amazing gentleman; very knowledgeable and help myself and my mom thru what actual coverage we needed. Very honest when. Thank you Randy for all your help.”

Don C. – Browns Mills, NJ

#452 – “He got me everything I asked for at a price that I can afford. Coverage was just what I needed Randy didn’t try to get me to buy more than I want or could afford price was just tight. Great prices, easy to get approved in minutes, no pressure at all. I will be sleeping better from now on really appreciated it. I will recommend them to everyone I know. Thanks For Everything!”

Evelyn F. – Caddo, OK

#451 – “Was great to work with. Prices were great.”

Pamela H. – Downs, KS

#450 – “He listened to what we needed, and got us something we could afford.
Low prices and easy to talk to the agent who helped us.”

Truman E. – Pinevill, MO

#449 – “Coverage and pricing was great. Easy to apply.”

Lyndal F. – Belleville, KS

#448 – “Great pricing.”

Terry V. – Roanoke, VA

#447 – “Agent was great he made it easy for me to understand. I’m glad that I don’t have to think about this anymore and my family won’t have to worry about this either….so thank you!”

Kathryn O. – Dryden, VA

#446 – “My agent, Randy VanderVaate, was most helpful. He answered my questions but did not attempt to push anything on me that I wasn’t interested in. He trusted that I knew my situation better than he did. He was most helpful but not pushy. It was the coverage I wanted at a price I could afford. It gives me peace of mind.”

Joyce C. – Pulaski, VA

#445 – “I am totally thrilled with the whole life insurance policies we got through Funeral Funds! (not a paid cheerleader, just a very satisfied customer in poor health in his 60’s who now has whole life insurance that never expires and never gets more expensive.)”

Scott D. – Winston-Salem, NC

#444 – “I got more coverage at a cheaper price.”

Kristy O. – Beaufort, NC

#443 – “He was able to find a policy with more coverage. He was very friendly & patient. More coverage at less price. Low prices, can apply easily.”

Ruth C. – Grifton, NC

#442 – “Excellent. Great to work with. Good price. Agent was fantastic.”

Barbara M. – Murfreesboro, TN

#441 – “He got me set up with a life insurance policy. Affordable prices, easy to apply. Randy was very helpful”

John S. – Kinsley, KS

#440 – “Randall was very helpful and finding me coverage for my family was easy. Can find you coverage with any health issues. No waiting period.”

Randy L. – Houston, TX

#439 – “The agent was so helpful & the price is awesome for the amount of coverage! Friendly people!”

Janet S. – Fayetteville, AR

#438 – “He did a very good job. He took his time explain everything to me. I like it very much.”

Quintin H. – Elizabeth City, NC

#437 – “Low price and easy to apply.”

Debra G. – Portland, IN

#436 – “Randall found us the perfect policy at a great price. Easy application and great rates.”

Kim L. – Warner Robins, GA

#435 – “Randy was so knowledgeable and helped me to select a final expense insurance policy to fit my budget.
Will highly recommend to my family and friends. I liked that I can add to it at any time. The cost fit my budget and coverage pricing will not go up. Plan does not expire at 80 or 89 it continues well past a hundred. Get customer service, easy to apply for with agent being there every step with you”

Sherry N. – San Augustine, TX

#434 – “Agent and prices was very good.”

Susan M. – Oklahoma City, OK

#433 – “Thank you so much for taking time to answer my questions and search for the best policy to meet my needs!  You were awesome and I appreciate it so much. You made it easier for me to go through the process and again I thank you for your patience and assistance.  

Joan S. – Charleston, MS

#432 – “He (agent) was very good at explaining everything I needed to know and very much a professional. The plan coverage is exactly what I was looking for. Everything about Funeral Funds is exceptional! I will definitely refer them all to people I know!”

Jeanine C. – Bowman, GA

#431 – “Wonderful couldn’t ask for anyone better. Everything was easy.”

Juanita G. – Temple, GA

#430 – “Good prices. It was not scary or frustrating at all! The agent guides the applicant through the process from the beginning to the end. The agent was friendly, knowledgeable and very encouraging to ask any questions. The coverage I purchased is for burial cost. The price is really good and that there isn’t a waiting period a big plus.”

Denise B. – Belcourt, ND

#429 – “Randy V. helped find us the right coverage at the right price with companies that aporoved us without problems with healthcare questions. They approved me despite my health! Easy, all done over the phone. Friendly, fast and even fun!”

Patti D. – Floyd, VA

#428 – “Good coverage and price.”

John C. – Malden, MO

#427 – “Our agent, Randy, was superb. Excellent agent, knowledgeable and efficient, easy telephone application and approval, we were insured before we hung up the phone. Excellent rates, the best possible value for my situation.He made our life insurance purchase easy and even fun. Besides being a real professional, and amazingly knowledgeable, he was friendly and made us feel relaxed in what could be an anxiety-ridden application process. We would strongly recommend using Funeral Funds to get your final costs insured. An affordable plan that provides me plenty of security even though my age and health is not optimum. Our agent knew exactly which policy would get me approved, and what cost to benefit plan provided me the best policy I could afford.”

Scott & Patti D. – Winston-Salem, NC

#426 – “Randy was a blessing. He saved us money, and he was very truthful and easy to talk to. He was great. Price was great and easy to apply. Thanks so much.”

Dolores W. – Frederick, MD

#425 – “Randall was very helpful getting me life ins he was very nice. Plan was what I was looking for and price was right for my income. Prices are good and very helpful with application.”

Pauletta L. – Elkhart, IN

#424 – “Helped me get a policy that I could afford loved every minute of it was very helpful enjoyed it it was a good thing. The pricing was great everything was good I liked it all. Definitely low prices.”

Jerry P. – Knoxville, TN

#423 – “Pricing was great love the whole life. Low prices and customer service was great and not pushy.  Randy was the best!”

Juanita G. – Temple, GA

#422 – “Just enough life insurance, with a nice price. Very understanding agent.”

Warren R. – Lake Charles, TX

#421 – “Great customer service!”

Patty S. – Lexington, MO

#420 – “Randy got me more coverage for less money. The coverage is exactly what I was looking for and it is budget friendly. Easy application process great pricing”

Bonnie C. – Monticello, IN

#419 – “He was very friendly helpful and informative. Coverage and the price was good for my age. “

Lynda C. – London, KY

#418 – “Excellent low prices and easy to apply.”

Jannette J. – Saint Petersburg, FL

#417 – “Randy helped me save over $40 a month on my whole life insurance. Very relieved to know they like helping people on a fixed income find lower pricing. Easy to pay, low rates, and professional customer service.”

Delores O. – Fort Wayne, IN

#416 – “Randy did a great job helping me with my application for life insurance he answered all my questions timely and accurately I was able to get the coverage I needed I would recommend him very highly. I got the coverage on that I needed at the price I could afford. Excellent and knowledgeable staff friendly and helpful staff “

Lawrence G. – Porter, IN

#415 – “Got my life insurance policy coverage,scheduled the same day. Very easy to talk to. Immediate coverage, after the first premium is paid. Easy to apply, good approval odds.”

Suzetta L. – Columbus, OK

#414 – “Randy was great!”

Teresa C. – Salem, MO

#413 – “I have this plan. I am very satisfied witt the plan that I could afford and they accepted me even though I have a chronic disease. It takes the worry of not leaving my family to take care of this when I pass away.”

Rhonda W. – Nicholasville, KY

#412 – “Randy helped a lot. I appreciated his sincerity, his honesty, and his understanding. After telling Randy what I currently had, he advised that we stay where we were at, that it was in our best interest. A very honest man, and a real asset to your company I might add. Again, thank you Randy. I will recommend this company totally because of Randy. He is honest, straightforward, and sincere. He is the reason I would recommend your company to anyone.”

Paul M. – Elgin, IL

#411 – “Took all my information and got me a good rate. A good plan for my age and budget.”

Everett M. – Lynneville, IN

#410 – “Very happy with the service my agent gave me. The low prices and easy to apply.”

Susan F. – Rising Sun, IN

#409 – “Excellent life insurance. Easy to apply and very friendly advisor. Randy is awesome. “

Millie S. – Urbana, IL

#408 – “Walked me through every step. Price was great.”

Dennis S. – Beattyville, KY

#408 – “I think my plan is excellent. I would recommend, because it was easy to apply and the rates are great.”

Varerie M. – Grandy, NC

#407 – “Randy was very helpful in helping me with my life insurance needs. It’s more coverage at a lowet rate. Rating 10 out of 10!”

Wilma M. – Canton, OH

#406 – “Randy VanderVaate was very helpful in providing information that best suited my needs. It is in effect the first day of approval, the price never goes up, and it’s for life. Affordable prices; easy application; helpful agents. Thank you!””

Rosa D. – Brooklyn, MS

#405 – “He took alot of time to explain this insurance to me.I feel he was honest and wanted to make sure I understood everything about my policy. Lower prices for seniors. I would recommend this insurance to friends that don’t have alot of money to spend on life insurance.

Sharmay M. – Sebring, OH

#404 – “I have been struggling with end of life funeral expenses for several years now.
Today I got help from a gentleman named Randy who took me through the process in a short amount of time…and I finally got a funeral fund I could afford.  A load is lifted. Thank you Lord…just perfect!!

Ruth B. – Bassett, VA

#403 – “He were very helpful and very understanding. Easy to apply and low prices.

Mary B. – East Point, GA

#402 – “He were very helpful and very understanding.

Richard M. – Merigold, MS

#401 – “GOOD prices, ease of applying are some real positive influences.

Richard M. – Merigold, MS

#400 – “GOOD prices, ease of applying are some real positive influences.

Richard M. – Merigold, MS

#399 – “They answered my questions with straight forward answers. GOOD prices, ease of applying are some real positive influences.

Gary C. – Hillsdale, MI

#398 – “He was very informative about everything and had a wonderful personality. The great price and immediate coverage is wonderful. I liked everything about it.

Richard M. – Merigold, MS

#397 – “Randy explained my questions in detail for me and he was extremely pleasant doing it! I like that Randy found me a Whole Life policy for cheaper than what I had for a smaller coverage for Term Life. Funeral Funds is easy to apply and the company he found for me was, as I stated previously, the price was lower than what I had. Randy is an excellent agent and I feel so blessed to have him on my side!

Sonya W. – Richmond, TX

#396 – “Extremely knowledgeable and helpful with finding right insurance coverage for me. The amount of coverage I was looking for was great and at a price I can afford. Easy application and a very helpful agent.

Jacque M. – Warthen, GA

#395 – “Wonderful customer service and pricing. Coverage was better than Colonial Penn and Senior Life with better premium!

Brigette B. – Chesapeake, VA

#394 – “He explained things very clear, made sure I understood before going on took his time to explain things. Great price!

Eudelia T. – Lockhart, TX

#393 – “Randy was informative and helpful in explaining my options and walking me through the process. Easy to apply and the peace of mind and a price I can afford.

Aileen D. – Broken Arrow, OK

#392 – “He was very helpful he helped me acquire the policy that I needed he was very friendly and knew his product. I like the coverage I got and the price that it cost me he was very good about helping me with the product. I will recommend this to all my friends it was easy to apply and the rates I thought were very fair.

Roy H. – Oak Hill, OH

#391- “They were able to get me a policy. No waiting period, more coverage, and price is good. Really easy to apply and fast results.

Yolanda A.oe H. – Bastrop, TX

#390 – “He was very good and got everything done for us. It is very affordable and has everything we needed. It’s easy to apply and very affordable. Thank you Randall very much!

Lisa B. – Tell City, IN

#389 – “Agent did a great job. Great price for the coverage. Easy to apply .

Joe H. – Berkely Springs, WV

#388 – “Great and knowledgeable, helpful, and caring agent. I’m glad I had the honor to do business with him. I will be recommending him to others who may not be insured. The Plan and Coverage is what I was looking for, and at the right price within my budget. It was easy to apply for my Insurance.

Yolanda W. – Orange, TX

#387 – “Very knowledgeable and explained everything. Low prices.

Carmen T. – Pecatonica, IL

#386 – “They got me approved for same day coverage at a lower premium and more coverage than Colonial Penn. No waiting period and higher coverage and lower premium. Easy application and low prices.

Gail D. – Canto, GA

#385 – “Very friendly and professional. Spoke slow and clear for me as I’m a senior citizen. Answered all my questions and encouraged me to ask as many as I wanted. Low prices and easy to apply and professional and friendly staff. No waiting period and no price jump and does not cancel at 80.

Debora M. – Milton, FL

#384 – “Randy was a great help and I feel blessed. Thanks so much.  I feel like this is a great deal. Good prices and is easy to understand.

Dana W. – Keysville, VA

#383 – “I was denied by PrimeAmerica but Randy VanderVaate was able to get me a policy to take the burden off my kids after my death…thank you Randy!!! Coverage fits my needs and the approval was instant. It simplifies everything and its nice I will keep my agent and not be passed of to someone else.

Michael A. – Bakersfield, CA

#382 – “I have been denied insurance multiple times before for my diabetes and this one worked great. First day coverage and the right price. Easy to apply for.

Robert L. – Hurricane, UT

#381 – “Mr. Randy was a great help in changing my insurance. Great price reduction I’m glad I spoke with him. He is a great agent. There’s a few friends of mine I will recommend to him.

Whitney D. – Beaumont, TX

#380 – “They were very good and helpful. It was easy to apply and also the cost was perfect.

Devina, G. – Corpus Christi, TX

#379 – “I had a United of Omaha plan with a waiting period and Randy helped me obtain a no-wait plan for less money. Pricing, coverage, and no-wait insurance PLUS a very good salesperson! Terrific person!

Michael M. – Blair, NE

#378 – “Mr Randall walked me through the entire process. Answered
all my questions. My agent was very knowledgeable, friendly and thorough. Price was reasonable. Everything is a go.

Malcolm Y. – Blue Mountain, MS

#377 – “He helped me find a policy that was right for me. Easy to apply and pricing.

Mary T. – Williamston, NC

#376 – “Clear and explained properly. Excellent price and convenience.

Victor S. – San Antonio, TX

#375 – “Professional friendly and to the point got all finished promptly. Both coverage and price was great.

Carol M. – Warrenton, MO

#374 – “He helped me to see that I could buy some insurance now and add more to it later. Very helpful and friendly overall. Pricing competitive with other companies. I would give my friends my agents name and phone number because he was easy to understand.

Mary T. – Williamston, NC

#373 – “Was very helpful in getting me a policy within my budget. Very informed. Low prices, easy to apply, great benefit.

Dorothy L. – Wake Forest, NC

#372 – “I love the price. Immediate coverage. Easy to apply.

Jeffery B. – New Philadelphia, OH

#371 – “Randy was very helpful with a difficult subject. Low price for immediate coverage.

Kathi H. – Sharonville, OH

#370 – “Randy got me insurance when no one else could. Low price first day coverage.

Madeline W. – Macon, GA

#369 – “They were very friendly explained everything very good very easy application to do. I like that it will never go up in price.

Jackie S. – Lexington, TN

#368 – “Randy was very helpful with my whole life policy. The price was something I could afford and the comfort of knowing I should have enough money to pay for my funeral expenses

Judy C. – Wetherby, MO

#367 – “Very informative answered all my questions. Very helpful agents. Price is good and applying is easy.

Donna R. – Beckley, WV

#366 – “The pricing and first day coverage are awesome! While I was a bit hesitant after speaking to a different carrier, I’m so happy I did as was able to secure better coverage and a lower premium with Funeral Funds. The agent was willing to explain all. Randy followed through like a champ. Thank you

Norma H. – Ashburn, VA

#365- “Randy was thorough, professional, and friendly. He made a few efforts to keep in touch, which I appreciated since I needed to take some time to decide to replace my expensive term policy. He searched carefully for an affordable policy which we were able to secure today.

Bruce W. – Peoria, IL

#364 – “The agent was very helpful and knowledgeable and I felt very much at ease. I like the 1st day coverage, the pricing, and the easy to understand plan that I chose. They answered my questions and I like the low price. Easy to apply and the agent was very knowledgeable helpful throughout the application process.

Tina F. – Elwood, IN

#363 – “Low prices and it was to apply. Agent was very informative and helpful and patient. We now have peace of mind.

Sylvia & Lee P. – Yatahey, NM

#362 – “My agent found a reasonable priced policy and he made it easy to apply. Wanted a plan to cover funeral costs that would last until end of life. Very knowledgeable and found a policy that meets my needs.  I was approved within minutes.

Ann B. – Tallahassee, FL

#361 – “They helped me replaced my AIG policy with a better first day coverage policy. Agent explained and was very knowledgeable with a very very educated approached…in other words helped a 73 year old lady much thanks a lot. .He was very very patient and knowledgeable. Low prices, easy to apply, helpful agent

Madalynne P. – Dallas, TX

#360 – “My Colonial Penn price was too high. The policy I just got from Funeral Funds is great and the coverage and the price was better. I would recommend this company to my friends.

Lenora T. – Sylvester, GA

#359 – “Randy was very knowledgeable and easy to understand in explaining the insurance product that I was interested in. He also saved me money and gave me better coverage at a more reasonable price and benefit. Very good cost wise. Thank you Randy very much.

Heather M. – Madison, TN

#358 – “Great coverage for less. Helpful in replacing an existing policy and getting me more coverage for less money. Very efficient with application setup and completion. The process is easy and simple. Would highly recommend the agent and Company.

Donna A. – Lake Dallas, TX

#357 – “I was approved for my insurance policy for any final expenses. I like the affordability of coverage and peace of mind. Low prices, friendly, easy to apply.

Tyler H. – Moody, AL

#356 – “He was very helpful in getting the right insurance for me. Very pleasant to talk to and would suggest him highly. Convenient. Easy to apply.

Marvin. G. – Laharpe, IL

#355 – “Letting you know that Randy was very nice and was very understanding. We appreciate him for working with us.

Maxine & David B. – Cleveland, TN

#354 – “Great experience with Randy. The price is affordable for a tight budget. The application process was very fine tuned.  I’m happy with the results. I’m thankful to now have coverage and not worry that my children will have to fund my final needs.

Sandra S. – Mannford, OK

#353 – “Randy was wonderful. Better coverage and good prices.

Kenneth & Bonnie J. – Byron, GA

#352 – “Very polite and helpful. Great price and easy to apply.

Darrell L. – Springdale, AR

#351 – “Randy is very helpful and knows how to get what’s needed. Coverage is great and affordable.

Denise G. – San Antonio, TX

#350 – “He (agent) was great he explained everything, made sure I understood, and was very helpful. It was what I was looking for and the amount of the policy was great. This company is honest and provides a great service

Frances F. – Galion, OH

#349 – “Helped me get an additional policy.

Mary C. – Fort Worth, TX

#348 – “Mr. Randy was very professional and answered all my questions. I will definitely recommend Funeral Funds to my friends and family, easy to apply and affordable pricing.

Madonna L. – Hampton, GA

#347 – “Great customer service and fair pricing. Would definitely recommend.

Doug & Laura L. – Douglasville, GA

#346 – “They helped get a new and better policy.

Earlene M. – Hopewell, VA

#345 – “Very helpful and got me the coverage I needed.

Larry J. – Terrell, TX

#344 – “Randy our agent was fantastic and gave all the information that we needed. Totally honest and very informative and very good customer service. We now have life insurance and the price was excellent.

John & Dearda B. – Albuquerque, NM

#343 – “Great pricing and no haggling. Easy to apply and fast.

Verlin B. – West Plains, MO

#342 – “He got me coverage after I had been turned down by another company. They work with you and are very detailed. Pricing very good.

Bill C. – Broad Run, VA

#341 – “Very good company. Low prices.

Sheila D. – Monroe, GA

#340 – “I almost signed up with Colonial Penn. I am so happy that Randy called this morning. Low price and easy to apply. One less worry just knowing I am covered now at a reasonable price. Randy exceeds customer expectations. I recommend Funeral Funds!

Marlene K. – Ransom, KS

#339 – “Good price. Great help. Easy to apply.

Addie J. – Heavener, OK

#338 – “I liked the low price and I won’t leave family in a storm in making decisions at the last minute. Excellent service.

Jeffrey L. – Ada, OK

#337 – “I replaced my Colonial Penn policy. My new policy is more affordable and has immediate coverage, Agent was very helpful and no pressure. Fast friendly service, easy application.  This company is highly rated and professional.

Susan S. – Springfield, TN

#336 – “Low prices, more providers to choose from, and more plans to choose from. It was helpful for me to get extra insurance for my family when they will need it. I got the coverage I needed.

Denford P. – Breaux Bridge, LA

#335 – “Very helpful agent. The agent walked me through several plans. I got the plan I wanted.  I am low tech, but the agent made it easy.

Glen S. – Lubbock, TX

#334 – “Excellent pricing. Easy to apply.

Brenda T. – Knoxville, TN

#333 – “My agent was great at explaining everything. Great Pricing.

Bonnie S. – Pittsburg, KS

#332 – “You have been a great help. I’m so glad I have this taken care of now!

Charlyn S. – Spencer, OK

#331 – “Low prices, easy to apply, great agent.

Cathy H. – Hinesville, GA

#330 – “I found that this agent was sooo very helpful! He answered all my questions and gave info with complete details. I liked him very much and will recommend him to anyone. The price was perfect and fit within my budget.

Barbara W. – Henryetta, OK

#329 – “Agent was very helpful and informative and made it an easy process. I like being covered right away and no waiting period. Low prices and very easy to apply.

Kathleen K. – Clay MI

#328 – “Randy was very helpful in helping me decide on a policy amount and company. I love the coverage and policy options. Easy to apply and prices are good.

Mary H. – Memphis, TN

#327 – “Just signed up. Great pricing. Easy to apply.

Robert J. – Alton, IL

#326 – “Very helpful. Very Happy. Good pricing.

Georgiania D. – Muskogee, OK

#325 – “Low price and great service.

Barbara & Aubrey G. – Paragould, AR

#324 – “Agent was very helpful and friendly. Pricing was great and coverage was good also. Very friendly company and agent

John W. – Lakeview, MI

#323 – “Randy was a great agent. I like my pricing.

Edward D. – Biloxi, MS

#322 – “They gave me quotes that I could live with. The pricing and the coverage were great. Nice to talk to and they made it easy to apply.

Nancy L. – Bay Springs, MS

#321 – “I had a very pleasant agent and I appreciate all the help. Very nice people to deal with. Better plans for less. Thank you!

Ivy M. – Bunker Hill, WV

#320 – “My agent was very helpful signing me up and explaining everything to me. Very polite and nice and knowledgeable. Affordable pricing and whole life vs. term life. No price raising ever.

Susan G. – Shelby, NC

#319 – “It’s exactly what I needed to supplement my preparations for final expenses. Agent was friendly and knowledgeable while discussing my options throughout the whole process.

John L. – Petersburg, VA

#318 – “Pricing was what I needed and it was within the cost limit that I was looking for. Easy to apply and very personable people.

Robert L. – Odessa, TX

#317 – “Randall was great and very helpful. Low prices!

Sherry M. – Knoxville, TN

#316 – “Best company and agent I have found. Wonderful. Knowledgeable. Enjoyable to talk and work with. Just the right amount, features, and price. Thank You Randy!

Michael A. – LeRoy, IL

#315 – “We love the pricing and the plan. Easy to apply.

Jonathan H. – Morton, MS

#314 – “Great guy and very personable. Just what we needed and very easy to apply for. Thank you so much!

David & Vicki P. – Peru, IL

#313 – “Very swift response, service, and quote. Excellent! Highly recommend. Very affordable. Excellent in all respects.

Robin G. – Shawnee, OK

#312 – “Great job. I like my pricing. Easy application

Lynn N. – Shawnee, OK

#311 – “Good communication and made it easy to understand about the policy, answer my questions in a professional way. Easy to apply, fast approval, good pricing.

Brian M. – El Campo, TX

#310 – “Randall was very helpful and very kind. Easy to apply.

Ella M. – Lynville, IN

#309 – “Very helpful agent. Coverage was easy to apply for. Low prices.

Patricia W. – Maybank, TX

#308 – “Mr. Randall was absolutely wonderful he explained term life insurance whole life insurance so I now have a better understanding. Thank you Randall I really appreciate it. I am truly grateful for my new policy.

Mary D. – Chalmette, IA

#307 – “Love all of it. Low price and easy to apply.

Diana G. – Sayre, OK

#306 – “Randall was very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. The process was simple and quick to complete. Great customer service!

Marcie D. – Las Vegas, NV

#305 – “Very happy with my agent!!! Satisfied with the pricing!! Very easy to apply!!!

Cheryl C.. – Carencro, LA

#304 – “Yesterday my husband secured some ins for his end of life through funeral through Agent Randy. I cannot say enough how courteous and professional he was and bent over backwards to get him a policy for his age. Thank you so much Mr Randy and I encourage everyone looking for this type of insurance to talk to him today….I know he will do his best to get the best for you.

Sondra & Joe S. – Caraway, AR

#303 – “Well spoken and very helpful agent. Low pricing fit my budget

Connie C. – Rayne, LA

#302 – “I was well pleased with my agent.

Keith S. – Marrero, LA

#301 – “They explained all the policies available and put me in contact with one I could afford. My plan covers what I need and is affordable on my budget. Easy to apply and affordable

Georgiana J. – Corydon, IN

#300 – “Randy VanderVaate spent a great deal of time helping me secure $11,000 in final expense coverage. He listened to my concerns and was knowledgeable about my options. My experience was great and I will recommend Randy to my friends.

Leslie H. – Lubbock, TX

#299 – “Great representative and very knowledgeable.

Mary F. – Eldon, MO

#298 – “Randy is an excellent helpful friendly agent! Very easy to apply, knowledgeable agent, reasonable cost. It will cover the cremation cost and keep the burden off our family!

Reginal M. – Duncan, OK

#297 – “Very good price, really put my mind at ease. My agent Randy was very thoughtful and easy to have a conversation with. Easy to apply, very good agent, very good price!

Michele M. – Canton, OK

#296 – “I liked my agent Randy for life Insurance. Thank you Randy for your help and professionalism. It was easy to apply for and I like my coverage and pricing.

Felix C. – Tucumcari, NM

#295 – “Randy was very helpful and super nice. The process was fast and all my questions were answered. I would recommend Funeral Funds because of the pricing and it was so easy. Thanks for the help!

Wanda E. – Salt Rock, WV

#294 – “Randy is a nice agent he help me get low pricing and first day coverage

Betty B. – Salyersville, KY

#293 – “Randy was great and I love the service. I like the low prices and no one coming to my house

Jennie H. – Newport, NC

#292 – “Price is reasonable for coverage. Easy to apply and friendly service.

Frank & Kathy B. – Newport, TN

#291 – “Mr. VanderVaate is informative and thorough. He answered all my questions promptly. His approval process was easily understood and carried out.  I feel that he is honest and upfront in all aspects of the product he sells. The prices are reasonable.

Norma B. – Franklinton, NC

#290 – “Randy was very helpful in finding me burial insurance coverage. I appreciate his work and professionalism. It was easy to apply and get approved for coverage.

Robert H. – Crest Hill, IL

#289 – “My agent was fabulous and easy to understand. He was patient and extremely helpful. I felt completely safe with Randy and am so happy to work with him. Thank you!

Tricia D. – Chicago, IL

#288 – “My agent was very helpful. I will recommend to all my family and friends.

Dorothy G. – Gordonville,  TX

#287 – “Agent was very helpful. Very pleased!

Olga V. – Dallas, TX

#286 – “Very thorough and affordable.

Rose V. – Fort Smith, AR

#285 – “Very knowledgeable and pleasant and helped with every question I had. Easy to apply and low priced.

William R. – Portsmith, VA

#284 – “Randy was great helpful the process was quick I will tell all my friend in need of a policy thx you so much Randy

Lynda & Marvin M. – Oklahoma City, OK

#283 – “They found me a policy I could afford.

Robert B. – Ashdown, AR

#282 – “I got immediate coverage and a low price.

Quinella H. – Raleigh, NC

#281 – “Randy was very helpful in getting me insurance, and I appreciate his helpful attitude. I got a good deal.

Michael S. – Round Rock, TX

#280 – “Randy was extremely patient and helpful. I like the first day coverage and low pricing.

Patsy J. – San Antonio, TX

#279 – “Randy was wonderful. Very Considerate. I will always recommend him to anyone.

Julie A. – Stockton, MO

#278 – “Randy was very helpful and informed about the policy I needed to get. Easy to apply.

Mary G. – Cape Girardeau, MO

#277 – “Randy was very professional and took great strides in helping us.

Gary & Mary V. – Bradshaw, NE

#276 – “I just thank you honestly for the plan I chose to buy.

Rafael B. – Phoenix, AZ

#275 – “Randy was very cordial and knowledgeable about the type of policies I needed. He helped me with the applications for me and my husband. Randy was very cordial and knowledgeable about the type of policies I needed. He helped me with the applications for me and my husband. Low pricing was the main factor. I would recommend Funeral Funds because it was so easy to apply and the agent is very helpful.

Marsha & Paul H. – Chattanooga, TN

#274 – “The agent was wonderful and very helpful. Easy application. I like the price and coverage.

Wendy J. – Perris, CA

#273 – “Wonderful! Helpful and friendly. No high pressure sales at all. I like the easy application, low price, and excellent service.

Kathleen K. – Springfield, IL

#272 – “Randy was so very professional and so very efficient!!! I made an excellent decision to have Randy and Funeral Funds assist me with this project!

Stephen G. – St. Augustine, FL

#271 – “Half the cost of other plans. Very helpful and friendly as well as very knowledgeable.

Susan M. – Bristol, TN

#270 – “Randy is a good guy to work with

Dannie G. – Caneyville, KY

#269 – “Randy is a pleasure to speak with and very patient and kind he made my experience very pleasurable please keep him there he is one of a kind. He is doing what he was born to do!!

Debbie N. – Kansas City, MO

#268 – “I purchased my policy at a great price, and I was very pleased with the help I received from Randy. I like the no waiting period, and it works with my billing needs. Randy was very helpful and easy to talk to, no pressure great attitude. Thanks so much!

Betty E. – Combs, KY

#267 – “The price and coverage will fit me perfect. Very pleased with the price. The agent was very knowledgeable and helpful and he answered all my questions. Easy to apply for, everything explained to you.

Donna E. – Chimayo, NM

#266 – “All other insurance companies turned me down but Randy got approved for this insurance. Prices and agents are great.

Edith T. – Gwinn, MI

#265 – “My agent was very helpful with our quotes. It is affordable and what we asked for! Easy to apply!

Saron W. – Watson, OK

#264 – “Randy was wonderful helping me. I am on a fixed income and this was a good price for me. This will fit my budget and I like that it is first day coverage with no waiting 2-year wait.

Rosalyn S. – Pittsburg, TX

#263 – “Randy was able to sign us up for simplified issue whole life policies with first day coverage, as well as saving us a substantial amount of money each year. He was very knowledgable and professional throughout the enrollment. We highly recommend Randy to anyone looking for life insurance at a reasonable price.

Helen & Craig L. – North Ogden, UT

#262 – “I highly recommend Randy for life insurance questions. I had a United of Omaha policy with a 2 yr waiting period. Funeral Funds got me first-day COVERAGE for the same amount of money I was paying…thank you!

Rita M. – Griffin, GA

#261 – “Randy was awesome. Great person to work with Treated me like he knew me and what I needed. He has me set up with a great company that I can afford. And not worry about my family. Thank you.

Sherrie L. – Nitro, WV

#260 – “Great pricing and my agent was really nice. Low price helped me out because I’m on a limited income.

Linda G. – White Hall, AR

#259 – “I like my pricing and attention to detail with this company! My agent had a great personality and helped me through all the steps. Thank you!

Beverly L. – College Station, TX

#258 – “Randall was efficient, thorough, and made signing up very easy.

Richard M. – Avon Park, FL

#257 – “Funeral Funds had better prices and were easy to apply and get approved. Less time to wait for

Corenthier S. – Orlando, FL

#256 – “My agent got me the best policy for my needs. Randy found a coverage I could afford. He was very patient in helpful with my processing of my life ins policy. I like that it will not change price. That it relieves the burden of burial off my family.

Mary E. – Atkinson, IL

#255 – “If you have any questions I suggest you give Randy a call. I was an agent 30 years and he knows his stuff.

Lloyd M. – Gainsville, TX

#254 – “Great pricing and rep has great customer service. Low prices, easy to apply and great service!! Thank you Randy!!

Jadira R. – Chicago, IL

#253 – “I recommend Funeral Funds Randy was very helpful and so polite and it’s wonderful that your policy starts on the day you pay your funds This is a very good insurance company

Veronica T. – Memphis, TN

#252 – “Randy is amazing!! He will get you the best insurance to fit your budget. He will give you advice on which insurance policy is best for you. I’m blessed to have found him. Thank you so very much Randy

Debbie Y. – Oklahoma City, OK

#251 – “Randy was very helpful. He explained all the products to me and helped get me what I needed.

Tammy K. – Rogersville, TN

#250 – “They were very informative and helpful. I would recommend using them!

Melody S. – Oklahoma, OK

#249 – “He was good and really helped us. Very good price. I like that the price will never change.

James S. – Paducah, TX

#248 – “Very helpful & informative agent. Definitely trying to give us what we need at a price we could work into our budget. Easy to apply.

Pamela R. – Middlebrook, VA

#247 – “It fits my needs! It was great! Easy to Apply. They treat their customers fantastic!

Kirk M. – Marengo, IN

#246 – “Randy was very helpful. He make my day so very happy. Very low price.

Angelina C. – San Antonio, TX

#245 – “Randall was “EXCELLENT and very HELPFUL” he talked to me as a person. Most Insurance agents talk at you but Randall answered all of my questions. I look forward to being a customer with this company. The price was great but the first day of coverage is what I’m so proud of. I got more coverage for a few dollars more. I just buried my husband a month ago and he didn’t have coverage because he was on a policy that had a two year waiting period. If the rest of your agents are as helpful as Randall it’s a no brainier. Besides the low prices,easy to apply and first day coverage. The Agents make the difference to me.

Deborah S. – Simms, TX

#244 – “He was very helpful with all the information I needed. Easy to apply, pricing and friendly agent.

Mary M. – Bristol, IN

#243 – “He was extremely helpful to get us insured. Low prices easy to do.

Mary M. – Worthville, KY

#242 – “He gave me the best deal he could…he was very personable.  I would recommend funeral funds because of easy to apply.

Connie L. – Paris, IL

#241 – “They did a really good job of helping us out.

Connie L. – Paris, IL

#240 – “I got approved for coverage quickly.

Earl N. – Springfield, MO

#239 – “Randy helped me get whole life insurance when others wouldn’t insure me. They were very helpful and they will help you get the best price. It is reasonably priced for being on a budget. Thank you Randy.

Nancy B. – Edinburg, VA

#238 – “Randy helped me a lot. Gave me good information on what policy and company to use. He was very knowledgeable about what would work best for me. Very friendly and enjoyable to work with. Funeral funds found the right insurance for me and my budget. It was very easy to apply for.

Michael B. – Casper, WY

#237 – ” Randy was extremely helpful in finding an insurance company that would meet my needs. He was very friendly to talk with. Low prices and easy to apply.
The plan fits my needs and the pricing was within my budget.”

Laurie P. – Hobart, IN

#236 – “Helped us get a final expense policy for my Mom. Good reputation. Good coverage and pricing.

James S. – Independence, MO

#235 – “Randy was very helpful and polite. He helped me to get the Whole Life Insurance that I wanted. It was what I was looking for as of low prices and easy to apply. The price was exactly what I was looking for.

Barbara S. – Beaumont, TX

#234 – “Would recommend him at anytime for insurance. Low price plus good until 121 years old.

Rosie B. – Shreveport, LA

#233 – “That there is no waiting period..great price and the coverage is just what I need. Very easy to apply.

Yolanda D. – Austin, TX

#232 – “Low price and easy to get approved.

Andre T. – Virginia Beach, VA

#231 – “Randy did a great job. He explained everything fully. Everything he said was to the point and informative. I like the fact that there is no waiting period. I would certainly recommend this company to other people.

Phyllis S. – London, KY

#230 – “Randy was a great help very nice helps with all you need I would advise him dearly

Judy J. – Chicago, IL

#229 – “It’s good insurance at a fairly good price. So if you haven’t made a plan for when the time comes, this is an excellent policy for taking the grief off the family that’s left behind. GREAT customer service.

Anne S. – Peabody, KS

#228 – “Randy provided me with a variety of quotes, so I could decide which plan I could easily afford. I appreciate the lower cost as so many plans are atrociously priced. Am definitely going to suggest Funeral Funds and Randy. It was a pleasure to talk to him. And he listened instead of pushing a policy on me. That, in itself, is worth more than words can express.

Kathy W. – Oklahoma City, OK

#227 – ” Much more easier to talk to than other agents. Very informative and helpful. I like the choice to call back and add coverage.

Stephen R. – Wichita Falls, TX

#226 – “Expert in getting me the policy I wanted. Cost is good.

Joan B. – Troy MO

#225 – “Randy is great, beyond helpful and extremely patient, very informative and detailed. I look forward to having him as my number one and only agent for life. I will be recommending Randy to family and friends, etc. Thanks Randy

Cheryl W. – Fort Worth, TX

#224 – “Randy is a nice guy. Very helpful & thoughtful. Made the process go smoothly. Both, low cost, easy to apply for. It covers my ass when I’m done.

Tony T. – Houston, TX

#223 – “Randall was very helpful and explained every detail every step of the way and was super helpful and friendly. I would recommend Funeral Funds because of the low prices and super easy to apply. I like the pricing and the coverage.

Teresa R. – Columbus, IN

#222 – “The price is much better than other insurance companies. It was easy and very affordable. Very pleasant and helpful

Rhonda H. – Pass Christian, MS

#221 – “The coverage was within our budget with excellent coverage. The price is affordable. Agent was informative and very helpful. Easy to talk with. We highly recommend him.

Marcia A. – Nacogdoches, TX

#220 – “I like everything the plan has to offer. It’s put my mind at ease and really something that is affordable for being on a fixed income. Very blessed to have him (Randy) help me with this plan..very comforting and caring. My hope is that everyone that needs this insurance gets to talk with him or someone that is like him”

Carol C. – Sesser, IL

#219 – “Randall was very good. Wasn’t expensive. Low prices easy to apply”

Theodor B. – Blytheville, AR

#218 – “Randy was very helpful and a very nice person to talk to. I like the pricing. It was easy to do over the phone. Price is affordable.”

Christina C. – Sophia, WV

#217 – “Randy gave me excellent advice for trying to insure my wife who is in a nursing home.”

Nils L. – Lutherville, MD

#216 – “Randy was very helpful today in getting me my policy.”

Linda L. – Greenville, TN

#215 – “I spoke with Randy and all I can say is WOW!! Most insurance salespeople are really pushy. Randy is just amazing, I have quite a few medical issues so he explained what I should do. If you need life insurance call and talk to Randy. He will help you understand what kind of coverage you need.”

Debbie Y. – Sapulpa, OK

#214 – “Randy got me a great policy”

Thomas M. – Martinsville, VA

#213 – “Randy was extremely helpful in finding the right policy for us. He was thoughtful, considerate and funny all rolled into one. A overall very enjoyable experience buying insurance. We recommend both Randy and Funeral Funds to anybody looking for final expense insurance coverage.”

David H. – Florissant, MO

#212 – “Absolutely wonderful, kind and courteous agents. Helped me get Affordable Life Insurance with NO Medical hassle. My funeral cost per month is below 20.00! Fantastic!! Thanks to them All.”

Connie F. – Warsaw, IN

#211 – “Randy set me right up!! Quick and clean. Thank you Randy!”

Brian G. – Piedmont, KS

#210 – “Randy was extremely pleasant to work with and very knowledgeable. During our first conversation before I gave him my bank info I stated I wanted to research the company more before I did that. Randy did not hesitate in giving me more time to do that and continuing our conversation a few days later. Being a Army Veteran this made me feel very comfortable about Randy and the company. Would definitely recommend.”

Lisa D. – Granite City, IL

#209 – “Randy V was very kind, helpful and informative!”

Jody M. – Edgerton, KS

#208 – “I appreciate the thoroughness and professionalism of Randy”

Eric N. – Cicero, IL

#207 – “Agent was very knowledgeable and kind and assisted in finding me the best policy. Application process was easy.”

Lisa D. – Haughton, LA

#206 – “They were really helpful getting set up with a plan for funeral”

Irvin W. – Guymon, OK

#205 – “Randy was extremely helpful getting us insurance for my husband”

Beverly B. – Woodbury, TN

#204 -“Thanks for your help! Great service and good price I would highly recommend talking to Randy.”

Paula T. – Chouteau, OK

#203 – “Very professional and easy to work with Randy.”

Preston W. – Beaufort, SC

#202 – “Happy with price and service”

Drema J. – Thorpe, WV

#201 – “Hey Randy helped me save money on my final expenses I would recommend him to everyone. Thank Randy for Your help.”

Adrian L. – Chicago, IL

#200 – “Randy helped me get a policy and I am 58 years old with COPD and chronic kidney disease. He’s a true professional. I recently had trouble with my Direct Express Card and with a single phone call to Randy we got it worked out in minutes. He’s done me a lot of good. I recommend Randy.”

Joe L. – Tyler, TX

#199 – “The agent was wonderful he was a great help in getting the policy. He will be very highly recommended from me.”

Calvin D. – Placedo, TX

#198 – “The agent, Randy was very helpful and friendly when purchased our policies, I highly recommend this company to any one wanting to purchase a policy.”

Darlene G. – Placedo, TX

#197 – “Randy was very helpful to me. Hes very friendly and enjoyable to talk to.”

Saundra M. – Jenks, OK

#196 – “I signed up with another company and it was a 2 yr waiting period. Called Randy at Funeral funds and he got me a 1st day coverage and a better price. So, happy I called Randy.”

Peggy D. – Capital Heights, MD

#195 – “Randy was great…provided all my needs and questions.
Would recommend Randy to all my family”

Marilyn R. – Houston, TX

#194 – “Randy was able to help me cancel my insurance policy that had a 3 year waiting period and got me one that starts from day 1.”

Sherry F. – Brazil, IN

#193 – “Randy was very helpful to me while choosing the right funeral plan that fit my budget and my needs, I do highly recommend Randy VanderVaate as your agent Thank you so much”

Barbara T. – Indianapolis, IN

#192 – “Randy did a great job He was able to get me twice as much insurance for what I was paying”

Diana D. – Evansville, IN

#191 – “Can’t tell you how proud I am to have Randy V. as my agent. I am so pleased with my policy at an affordable cost through Funeral Funds and Randy (my wonderful agent)!!!!”

Barbara E. – McClure, IL

#190 – “I just had a insurance policy wrote up for me. Very nice company very nice person named Randy helped me. Love this company! Thank you!”

Rose P. – Liberty, MO

#189 – “Randy was very helpful with getting our insurance started. He is very knowledgeable and has a good sense of humor. We didn’t have to wait days before we got approved. We definitely recommend him.”

Connie R. – Oklahoma City, OK

#188 – “Randy is a very professional and enjoyable person to talk with. He answered my questions and got me set up with a good company. Thanks Randy!!!”

Alice K. – Wellington, KS

#187 – “Randy was very professional in helping me with burial Insurance I would recommend them anytime”

Kathleen J. – Houston, TX

#186 – “We talked with Randy and he was great. I would definitely recommend him if you have any questions or concerns.”

Terri M. – Muskogee, OK

#185 – “I highly recommend Randy, he was very professional, knowledgeable, kind and courteous. He found me the coverage I was looking for at an affordable price.”

Ray O. – McKinney, TX

#184 – “Randy was very professional helpful and informative.”

Ray O. – McKinney, TX

#183 – “Randy was professional and quick to answer all of my questions. He was very fact based and also extremely easy to communicate with!”

Ken A. – Kansas City, MO

#182 – “Randy was absolutely amazing, made a difficult decision much less painless!!! Thanks again!!!”

Shirley A. – Wichita, KS

#181 – “Randy did a good job helping me to get approved for life insurance. I really appreciate how he helped myself and my wife with life insurance coverage.”

Rudy M. – Finger, TN

#180 – “Funeral Funds was a great help in finding affordable insurance for burial. Randy was helpul and answered all my questions. would recommend them to anyone”

Sherry O. – Nobesville, IN

#179 – “Randy was exceptionally helpful! Very awesome agent and I HIGHLY recommend his services.”

Helen D. – Gaylord, MI

#178 – “After looking endlessly for the right Life Insurance Policy for my Mother I was finally able to get everything thing I needed after I looked on Funeral Funds website. Randy helped me with everything I needed & answered all of my questions. If anyone is interested or searching for Life Insurance, this is the person to contact. He’s a great agent.”

Andra H. – Indio, CA

#177 – “Randy was very helpful and knowledgeable about the policies and i appreciate him very much”

Chris R. – Gary, IN

#176- “Randy was very helpful, friendly & knowledge. He handled all my needs quickly & sufficiently!”

Gloria C. – Waco, TX

#175 – “Very professional and I am very pleased”

Leroy L. – Roanoke, VA

#174 – “Randy was a great agent finding me the correct policy. Highly recommend his services”

Linda H. – Lake Ozark, MO

#173 – “Randy is such a wonderful guy. He was so understanding and helpful made sure we understood everything. Lots of patience great sense of humor. Thank you Randy”

Carolyn W. – Russellville, KY

#172 – “Randy was amazingly helpful with finding the policy I needed. highly recommended”

Margaret T. – Winfield, KY

#171 – “It was great, I got life ins with having COPD with first day coverage, had a very good conversation with the man that is now my agent thank him so much”

Rebecca B. – West Terrehaute, IN

#170 – “Randy, has helped me out, and I would recommend him to anyone! He knows his job well and if you don’t understand stand something he will explain and go over it with you till you do understand! He is one heck of a insurance guy and I wouldn’t go to anyone else but him If you need burial insurance , cremation, and final expense Look him up you will be glad you did he is the best he knows his stuff well! Just give him a call!”

Jody T. – Ofallon, MO

#169- “Randy is very nice a great young man polite and friendly. I will commend him to my family and friends”

Jeanne D. – Chicago, IL

#168 – “I was denied by another insurance company but Randy helped me get a plan with first day coverage thank you”

Terry W. – Wilmington, OK

#167 – “I hated the thought of funeral and burial expenses. Until I talked to “Funeral Funds.” Randy and I talked honesty back and forth with some humor, built a positive re-pore and it was short, sweet, and a ton off my shoulders. I can see why his company has a 5.0 rating. He knows his business well. Thanks Randy!”

Michel C. – Roscoe, IL

#166 – “Randy is very friendly and helpful.”

Diann G. – Carmi, IL

#165 – “Thank you Randy for helping me get good insurance and you understand want I wanted and needed.”

Claire C. – Keyser, WV

#164 – “Nice guy..helped alot…going to be together for a long time…lol..thanks Debbie.”

Debbie L. – Indianapolis, IN

#163 – “I want to thank Randy for helping me with the process. You were very helpful and friendly. Made the process easy and convenient.”

Josie T. – Phoenix, AZ

#162 – “Randy was so helpful with helping us to obtain burial insurance. He was there to help getting us approved. I know that Randy will be with us through the end.”

Jacquelin & Charles J. – Lampasas, TX

#161 – “Randy has spent 2 days helping me understand insurance and finding good policy for both my husband and myself. He has the patience of a Saint!”

Cheryl & Jack G. – Lake Havasu City, AZ

#160 – “Randy was very helpful in my getting a life insurance policy. Thanks Randy.”

Martha G. – Rockford, IL

#159 – “Very affordable. Agent was very polite and understand want I want and needed.”

Blanch H. – Evansville, IN

#158 – “Great Experience with Randy, I now have peace of mind! Thank you!”

Rita F. – Oklahoma City, OK

#157 – “Randy is a very caring individual to work with. He takes his time and gently walked me through the process of getting the insurance I needed. I am grateful to know that he will be with me as a forever friend.”

Karen W. – Hamilton, MO

#156 – “Randy has been very patient and considerate to my needs. He explained things very clearly and helped me to replace my AAA policy. I highly recommend him as an agent. Love that sense of humor!!!”

Carolyn C. – Montgomery, TX

#155 – “Randy our new Insurance agent took a load of stress off our shoulders. He was very polite and set us up quickly. Looking for affordable Life Ins can be a burden but he was patient, reassured us that we won’t be in the dark he is there to help us anytime. Not any agent would be that helpful. I would definitely recommend our agent. Thank you, Randy, now I can sleep better knowing we are covered.”

Teresa S. – McPhearson, KS

#154 – “Randy was excellent! He was able to screen and qualify me in one evening with a policy that was perfectly fitted to my needs. Very grateful!”

Pricilla E. – Clearwater, FL

#153 – “Randy was wonderful with me. He made me feel so much as ease working with him. I would recommend him to everyone. thank you Randy”

Vicki C. – Lafayette, IN

#152 – “Randy was excellent in providing detail information for me to make an informed decision. He gave premium notice, established due dates, etc very efficiently. I highly recommend Randy to help anyone seeking funeral expense funds.”

Martha B. – Greenville, TN

#151 – “Randy was great to work with. He is very knowledgeable and thorough. I’m glad that I got to work with him. Thanks Randy.”

Roxy P. – Wyandotte, OK

#150 – “Randy is the agent that provide me with my new burial Insurance. Taking his time to help me with all my needs. Thanks for providing me with all the my needs.”

Ronald R. – Hazelcrest, IL

#149 – “After spending days researching the best life insurance for my needs I found out it was a waste of time after a half hour talk with Randy…easy and done with by the time we hung up!”

Terry B. – South Bend, IN

#148 – “Randy made getting life insurance a very easy process and after all the research I’ve done I wish I would have returned his call a lot sooner because he gave me the best price for my needs. Thank you!”

Terry B. – South Bend, IN

#147 – “My agents name was Randy! Very helpful and it’s true within a matter of 15 to 20 minutes he had me in a lifetime policy with very affordable rates!”

Jeannie R. – Corpus Chrisiti, TX

#146 – “Randy was efficient and very helpful.”

Elaine M. – Chicago, IL

#145 – “Randy was very knowledgeable and helped my husband and I get a low rate for our funeral expenses. Highly recommend him.”

Jeannie L. – South Greenfield, MO

#144 – “Excellent service in obtaining my life insurance policy.”

Rick S. – Saint Charles, IL

#143 – “Randy was Awesome with getting me funeral funds insurance! It was such a pleasant experience to do business with Randy!! I highly recommend going through Randy for any questions or help with applying and receiving an insurance policy for protecting your family with any financial difficulties. Thank you Randy. You were a pleasure doing business with!! I have a peace of mind knowing my family will be taking care of with all my burial expenses!

Jeannie R. – Corpus Christi, TX

#142 – “Randy was fantastic. He was great with getting my mom some burial insurance. I highly recommend him for everyone.”

Rochella B. – Vandalia, MO

#141 – “Randy was very helpful, the whole process was very easy and fast. Great job Randy!”

Carla B. – Mena, AR

#140 – “I found Randy to be very professional and friendly. I have received other calls from other agents none were as easy to work with as Randy. Definitely would recommend him to family and friends.”

Patty E. – Herington, KS

#139 – “Quick and easy process. Very professional and friendly. I recommend this insurance company as well as talking to Randy who is extremely knowledgeable.”

Sandra L. – Earlsboro, OK

#138 – “Great prices great personal service from Randy. Compare before you buy.”

Linda M. – Gainseville, TX

#137 – “Randy was amazing through the whole process. Very simple and great rates. Randy made me feel very comfortable with this decision”

Dona P. – St. Louis, MO

#136 – “Randy was very helpful an nice with everything. Great job.”

Carla B. – Mena, AR

#135 – “I had a policy with Orca (Insurance Company) and was on Facebook and saw your ad and called and spoke with Randy he was able to get same coverage for a better price. They were very nice and knew everything”

Rada K. – Braggs, OK

#134 – “Randall was excellent on helping find the right coverage for me.”

Vivian T. – Gordo, AL

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“For those who die won’t leave loved ones to deal with cost and be able to mourn right and peacefully”

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#1 – “You was a big help today with our insurance”

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