Shopping For Burial Insurance
Woman Wondering How Much Does Burial Insurance Cost

How much does final expense insurance cost?

The cost of an average funeral can cost an arm and leg if you do not have a final expense insurance policy to cover it. Funerals are expensive, so you probably want to know how much burial insurance cost. Understanding how much is needed to provide your loved ones the funeral they deserve is vital…
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Dog Looking At Owner Who Is Wondering How much Burial Insurance do I need

How much Burial Insurance do I need in 2023?

We are often asked, “how much burial insurance do I need? Your burial insurance need will vary depending on your personal and financial circumstances, but importantly you need enough to cover your end-of-life expenses. The average cost of funeral and burial services is increasing each year, and you can pay for these services by purchasing…
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how to apply for burial insurance

How to Apply For Burial Insurance in 2023

If you’re in the market for burial insurance or simply need to know how to apply for burial insurance, you have come to the right place. We will walk you through the life insurance application process to help you understand how to buy burial insurance and the easiest way to get fast approval on your…
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final expense insurance application process

2023 Final Expense Insurance Application Process

We created this basic final expense insurance application process as a simple guide to help you understand the process of applying for a final expense insurance policy and to help you understand what to expect. Applying for final expense insurance is relatively standard, depending on the type of insurance and the company you choose. Some…
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Funeral Expenses People Overlook

2023 Funeral Expenses People Overlook

There are many funeral expenses people overlook when funeral planning after the death of a loved one. The sorrow and grief following the death of a family member can make it difficult for you to focus on important funeral planning details. You may think that you have covered everything, but there are some items you…
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5 Ways to Get Burial Insurance with First-Day Coverage

Are you looking for burial insurance with first-day coverage? For some people looking for life insurance that starts immediately can be challenging. The good news is getting people qualified for burial insurance with first-day coverage is our specialty! This article will show you the five ways to get burial insurance with first-day coverage. FOR EASIER…
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2023 Burial Insurance with First-day Coverage

Getting burial insurance with first-day coverage should be your primary goal when applying for burial insurance. With first-day coverage, your beneficiary will receive your full death benefit even if you die within a few days when your policy is in force. WARNING: Never settle for a plan with a waiting period if you can qualify…
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Man With Compass Wondering Is Burial Insurance Permanent

Is Burial Insurance Permanent? – 2023 Update

Is burial insurance permanent? It is one of the most common questions people ask us when shopping for life insurance coverage. In this article, I will go into detail about everything related to burial insurance. Our end goal is to help you understand how burial insurance works and if it is worth it. FOR EASIER…
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2023 Burial Insurance for Hospice Patients [Use Caution]

If you’re looking for burial insurance for hospice patients, you need to be aware that your burial, cremation, final expense, and life insurance options are limited. !!! READ THIS FIRST !!! Being in hospice indicates a life-threatening health condition, and there are no insurance companies that offer 1st-day coverage to people in hospice. We recommend…
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