Shopping For Burial Insurance
Woman Wondering How Much Does Burial Insurance Cost

How much does final expense insurance cost?

The cost of an average funeral can cost an arm and leg if you do not have a final expense insurance policy to cover it. Funerals are expensive, so you probably want to know how much does burial insurance cost. Understanding how much is needed to provide your loved one the funeral they deserve is…
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Man Thinking About Burial Insurance With No Waiting Period

2022 Burial Insurance With No Waiting Period

Burial insurance with no waiting period is available for most final expense insurance shoppers. If you are in the habit of listening to all the misleading television and magazine advertisements, you would think you would have to settle for a substandard policy with the two-year waiting period – DON’T BE FOOLED by such nonsense! Most folks…
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guaranteed issue life insurance for seniors

2022 Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance for Seniors

Guaranteed issue life insurance for seniors is a type of whole life insurance policy offered to individuals between the ages of 50 to 85 who can’t qualify for a traditional life insurance policy due to serious health issues. Applicants are guaranteed approval without a medical exam or health questions. Many companies have strict underwriting when…
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2022 Life insurance with No Waiting Period

Are you looking for life insurance with no waiting period? For many people looking for life insurance that doesn’t have a waiting period can be challenging. The good news is: Getting a life insurance policy with no waiting period is possible! Affordable coverage is available without having to endure a waiting period for benefits to start.…
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Final Expense Insurance for Pastors

2022 Final Expense Insurance for Pastors and Congregations

Final expense insurance for Pastors and congregations is essential in alleviating the financial stress associated with funeral and burial. Every church member should have enough insurance to cover final expenses and to provide money for their families after they die. Final expense insurance can help provide peace of mind for both pastors and their congregations…
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5 Ways to Get Burial Insurance with First-Day Coverage

Are you looking for burial insurance with first-day coverage? For some people looking for life insurance that starts immediately can be challenging. The good news is getting people qualified for burial insurance with first-day coverage is our specialty! In this article, we will show you the five ways to get burial insurance with first-day coverage.…
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2022 Burial Insurance With Pre-existing Condition

Finding burial insurance with a pre-existing condition is possible. In fact, the majority of all health conditions we get as we get older are accepted by most life insurance companies. Regardless of your pre-existing medical conditions or how poor your health is, there are life insurance options open for you. This article is your comprehensive…
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2022 Burial Insurance for Hospice Patients [Use Caution]

If you’re looking for burial insurance for hospice patients, you need to be aware that your burial, cremation, final expense, and life insurance options are limited. !!! READ THIS FIRST !!! Being in hospice indicates a life-threatening health condition, and there are no insurance companies that offer 1st-day coverage to people in hospice. We recommend…
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2022 Burial Insurance with First-day Coverage

Getting burial insurance with first-day coverage should be your primary goal when applying for burial insurance. With first-day coverage, your beneficiary will receive your full death benefit even if you die within a few days when your policy is in force. WARNING: Never settle for a plan with a waiting period if you can qualify…
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