The History of Hearses in the United States

If you’re wondering about the history of hearses in the United States, this article is written for you. You may have heard the rhyme, “Never laugh as a hearse goes by, for you may be the next to die.” A hearse is one of the most readily identifiable symbols of death because a hearse is…
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2022 Guide to Senior Discounts

Our Funeral Funds guide to senior discounts will help many of our senior citizen’s friends save some of their hard-earned money. Many business owners offer small savings or discounts to senior citizens to get patronage. Senior discounts can apply to everything from your retail store and restaurants to transportation. Many businesses offer these discounts but…
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17 Ways to Pay for Long-term Care in 2022

Knowing how to pay for long-term care will help you better understand your options. It’s critical to have a long-term care plan since half of the people turning 65 will need care, and seven out of ten seniors will require long-term care services for three years or longer. If you or a loved one need…
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What to Do Before Moving to Senior Care Facility in 2022

Here’s a what-to-do checklist on what to do before moving to a senior care facility. This will help you prepare for this new transition to the next part of your or your loved one’s life. This guide will help you find the care facility that will meet your loved ones’ needs on the actual moving…
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Funeral Service Planning in 2022

If you are in charge of funeral service planning, this article will walk you through the process without worry or stress. It is easy in a time of grief to forget the obvious and important tasks needed to provide a meaningful remembrance ceremony for a lost loved one. This article will walk you through the…
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Burial vs. Cremation Pros & Cons – 2022 Update

Comparing burial and cremation is often challenging because each has pros and cons.    Choosing burial vs. cremation should be based on your budget, personal beliefs, religion, and other preferences. You must make a personal decision for yourself or your loved ones.  If you’re unsure, we can help you go through the pros and cons…
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2022 Burial Insurance with Sarcoidosis

Burial insurance with sarcoidosis is possible. The truth is sarcoidosis is not an issue with most insurance providers. In fact, you will hardly see them asking about it in their health questions on the application. So, if you have sarcoidosis and have no other significant medical conditions, you will be quickly approved for coverage. This…
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Final Expense Insurance for Pastors

2022 Final Expense Insurance for Pastors and Congregations

Final expense insurance for Pastors and congregations is essential in alleviating the financial stress associated with funeral and burial. Every church member should have enough insurance to cover final expenses and to provide money for their families after they die. Final expense insurance can help provide peace of mind for pastors and their congregations by…
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2022 Burial Insurance With Pre-existing Condition

Finding burial insurance with a pre-existing condition is possible. In fact, the majority of all health conditions we get as we get older are accepted by most life insurance companies. Regardless of your pre-existing medical conditions or poor health, life insurance options are open for you. This article is your comprehensive guide to burial insurance…
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