Active Retirement Living Community

What Is An Active Retirement Living Community?

What is an active retirement living community? An active retirement living community is a place where seniors can live healthy and active lives well into their golden years. These communities typically offer a variety of activities and amenities that allow residents to stay active and social.  An active retirement living community is a great option…
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Benefits of Pet Therapy for Seniors

Senior Health and Wellness: The Benefits of Pet Therapy

Pet therapy is a great way to improve senior health and wellness! In fact, studies have shown that pet therapy can help reduce stress levels, improve moods, and even boost cognitive function. Pets are wonderful companions, and they can provide seniors with a lot of love and support. If you’re looking for ways to improve…
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Long-term Care Options for Seniors

12 Long-Term Care Options for Seniors: What You Need to Know 

There are many different options to choose from when it comes to long-term care for seniors. Because of this, it can be difficult to decide which option is best for your loved one. This blog post will discuss the most common long-term care options for seniors. We will go over each option and provide you…
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Memory Boosting Tips for Seniors

18 Memory Boosting Tips for Seniors

Memory boosting tips for seniors is critical because our memory recall often isn’t what it used to be when we were younger. We all hope to age gracefully and keep our mental faculties sharp, but sometimes we need a little help. Memory loss in seniors is a common issue, but it doesn’t have to be…
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Funeral Scams To Watch Out For

Funeral Scams To Watch Out For: How To Protect Yourself

There are all sorts of scams out there, and the funeral industry is no exception. In fact, funeral scams are on the rise as criminals take advantage of people during vulnerable times. Getting funeral insurance from an independent company like Funeral Funds is the best way to avoid getting scammed by funeral home operators, as…
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Payable on Death Account Pros and Cons

Payable on death account pros and cons must be considered before opening an account so that you know what to expect. You should work with an estate-planning lawyer to weigh the advantages and disadvantages, bearing in mind your other options for estate planning and avoiding probate. Payable on death account might be a good idea…
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Burial insurance build chart

2022 Burial Insurance and Build Chart

There are some things you need to know about burial insurance build charts when purchasing final expense insurance. Almost all life insurance companies have build charts or weight tables that determine the minimum and maximum height and weight limits. Some insurance companies rely on a build chart to determine your risk class. They also use…
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2022 Funeral Insurance after Cancer Diagnosis

Purchasing funeral insurance after a cancer diagnosis may likely concern you. However, having funeral insurance at this stage in life is essential to provide for your family when you pass away. !!! READ THIS FIRST & WATCH VIDEO BELOW !!! Current Cancer is a life-threatening health condition, and there are no insurance companies that offer…
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The History of Life Insurance

Are you wondering about the history of life insurance? In this article, we will help you understand how life insurance got started. Life insurance may seem like a modern idea, but once you are familiar with its history, you’ll realize that it’s been there all along. In fact, life insurance is older than Christianity. Today,…
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