Top 10 Whole Life Insurance Companies

2022 Top 10 Whole Life Insurance Companies

To help you find the funeral or burial coverage that is best for you and your needs, let’s take a look at our Top 10 Whole Life Insurance Companies in the U.S. If you are considering purchasing whole life insurance, you can easily spend months comparing quotes and analyzing rating without knowing if you’ve even chosen…
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Man With Compass Wondering Is Burial Insurance Permanent

Is Burial Insurance Permanent? – 2022 Update

Is burial insurance permanent? It is one of the most common questions people ask us when shopping for life insurance coverage. In this article, I will go into detail about everything related to burial insurance. Our end goal is to help you understand how burial insurance works and if it is worth it. FOR EASIER…
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how to apply for burial insurance

How to Apply For Burial Insurance in 2022

If you’re in the market for burial insurance or simply need to know how to apply for burial insurance, you have come to the right place. We will walk you through the life insurance application process to help you understand how to buy burial insurance and the easiest way to get fast approval on your…
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Couple Thinking About Funeral Insurance for Seniors

2022 Funeral Insurance for Seniors

As the funeral cost continues to increase, it’s becoming more important to purchase funeral insurance for seniors to cover burial and final expenses. The average cost of a funeral, according to NFDA is $8,755! If you don’t already have a burial life insurance policy, this cost can be a burden adding to the grief of…
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Funeral Plan Insurance Policies – 2022 Update

Funeral plan insurance policies, also known as funeral plans and preneed funeral insurance, are one of the ways to have peace of mind knowing your funeral cost will be covered when you pass away. It’s possible to have the cost of the funeral covered in advance to save your family from having to pay for…
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2022 Best Whole Life Insurance Plans

The best whole life insurance plans are permanent insurance policies that last your entire life. Whole life is the opposite of term life insurance. That covers a specific time, such as 10, 20, or 30 years. A whole-life policy never expires, and the premiums are level and don’t increase during the policy’s life. The best whole…
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Top 10 Final Expense Life Insurance Companies in 2022

Our top 10 final expense life insurance companies will help you find the lowest price, get the most coverage, and help you determine which insurance company is best for you and your cremation, burial, or final expense insurance needs. We give you the actual company names, underwriting tips, and tricks, and we even provide their…
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Man Thinking About Burial Policies For Seniors

2022 Burial Policies for Seniors

For seniors, burial, funeral, and final expense insurance are burial policies for seniors. Paying for funeral expenses is the primary reason why most seniors purchase these policies. Burial policies for seniors refer to small whole life insurance policies that cover the cost of burial and funeral expenses. According to the National Funeral Directors Association, the…
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Finding Cheap Burial Insurance Piggy Bank

Key to Finding Affordable Burial Insurance in 2022

Finding affordable burial insurance is one way of offsetting the rising cost of a funeral. It is hard to lose a loved one, and having funeral expenses to pay for makes the experience even harder. The average cost of a funeral is continuously rising. Many people look for the most affordable burial insurance policy to…
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