Burial Insurance for Overweight and Obese People

Burial insurance for overweight and obese people is possible to get. However, most final expense life companies do have “build charts” that identify what height and weights for applicants that they will accept. You can qualify for policies with the lowest rates if you avoid companies that ask about your height and weight.

There are a some insurance companies that will offer excellent rates for overweight and obese people. When it comes to being on the heavier side, a few specific life insurance companies are much more lenient than others.

No matter if you’re overweight or obese, you will never have to take a medical exam if you apply to the right company.

With the correct burial insurance or final expense insurance company, you will just need to answer a few questions about your overall health to get the best pricing.

In this article, we will explore how you can qualify for burial insurance if you’re overweight or obese. We will show you what options are available for you.



Being overweight is very common nowadays.

Life insurance companies care about obesity because obesity is associated with health complications and it can predispose you to many ailments and diseases.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), being overweight increases your mortality risk for:

  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Kidney disease
  • Liver disease
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Sleep apnea

If you have any past or current health problems as a result of obesity, the life insurance companies will want to know about it before offering you an approved application.


A build chart is a table that serves as a guideline in the minimum and maximum weight per height that insurance companies will accept.

Any insurance company that has a build chart has a section on the application form where you need to list your height and weight.

Every life insurance provider has its own build chart; however, some companies don’t even have build charts at all.

Some life insurance companies have more lenient build charts that other companies.

Being 20 pounds overweight will not prevent you from qualifying for the best rate class. In fact, most companies even provide additional weight allowances for men and women applying for coverage after the age of 60.

If being overweight is your only issue, you can still qualify for the best rates; even if you are morbidly obese.

Every insurance company has their own build chart requirements, so it’s important to work with an independent life insurance agency that knows which companies do not have a build chart and will offer you the lowest rate even if you are overweight or obese.


The purpose of underwriting in life insurance is to determine your level of risk. Being on the heavier side increases your risk of having diseases, which increases the risk of life insurance companies having to pay out an early than normal death benefit.

Underwriting for burial insurance is different from traditional life insurance.

With traditional term life or permanent life insurance, the company wants to know your weight because your weight can indicate your overall health. They will ask your BMI to determine your rate.

With burial insurance for overweight and obese people, there is a different underwriting. Some will ask about your height and weight, but even at that, they have lenient weight guidelines.

But there are insurance companies without build charts, so they won’t even care if you are overweight or morbidly obese.


Overweight and obese individuals are not automatically disqualified from getting affordable burial insurance coverage based on their weight but may be disqualified because of other medical issues related to their weight.

Having a recent heart attack, stroke, or cancer will definitely affect the type of life insurance policy you will be eligible for and the amount you will pay. If you suffer from these, give us a call and we will discuss your options.

The other factor that may affect your burial insurance eligibility if you’re overweight or obese is if you have mobility issues. If you’re too heavy and you need help in doing any activities of daily living on your own, you may not qualify for the best plan with the best rate, but you still have other options.

There are six activities of daily living or self-care used by the insurance companies to measure your mobility and determine if you will qualify for first-day coverage.

  1. Eating – feeding yourself using utensils, feeding tube or intravenously
  2. Bathing – washing your body and getting in or out of the bathtub or shower safely
  3. Dressing – means putting on and taking off clothing, fasteners, braces, and prosthesis
  4. Toileting – is getting on and off the toilet and performing necessary personal hygiene
  5. Transferring – moving in and out of bed, chair or wheelchair
  6. Continence – controlling the bladder and bowel functions

If you are obese and you need help with these activities of daily living, you will not qualify for first-day coverage even if the company does not have a build chart.

The best burial insurance option for overweight or obese people is to take a guaranteed issue, no health questions life insurance policy.


LEVEL DEATH BENEFIT (first-day coverage)

If you’ve been rejected for insurance coverage in the past because of your weight, a simplified issue life insurance policy without a medical exam is your best option.

This plan has lenient underwriting compared with traditional term or permanent life insurance. You will skip the medical exam and weight measurement, and you will only have to answer basic health questions.

People who are overweight or obese can qualify for level death benefit coverage. Being overweight is not a life-threatening situation. If you answer no to all the questions on the health questionnaire, most funeral insurance companies will approve your application regardless of your weight.

You will have first-day coverage with a level death benefit plan, and your life insurance payout will be the same for the life of the policy.

Your insurance premium will never increase even with advancing age or worsening health conditions. Your beneficiaries will receive your 100% death benefit payout when you pass away.

If you’re overweight but generally healthy and have no issues with mobility or activities of daily living, you can be eligible for level death benefit with a first-day coverage plan. This plan also has the lowest premium.


If you are morbidly obese with mobility issues and need help in performing activities of daily living on your own, guaranteed issue life insurance is your best option.

If you suffer from medical conditions like diabetic amputation, heart disease, or stroke as a consequence of your weight, you can qualify for guaranteed issue burial insurance.

A guaranteed issue life insurance plan will not ask about height and weight, nor will it ask for any health questions at all on the application.

If you’re a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident, you can enter into a legal contract, your application for coverage will be approved. You will get immediate coverage for accidental death.

Guaranteed issue whole life insurance has a two-year graded benefit for a natural or disease-related cause of death.

If you die during the waiting period or the first two years, your beneficiary will receive all premium paid plus 10% interest. After the two-year waiting period, you are fully covered for any cause of death.

Many insurance companies offer guaranteed issue burial insurance for overweight and obese people with severe medical issues. The only difference is the amount they charge. We will point you in the right insurer if you need to take this route.


Many people postpone buying life insurance because they plan on losing weight to get better rates. However, after many weeks and months, they haven’t lost weight at all, and they remain uninsured.

One of the worst decisions you can do is to put off buying life insurance while waiting to lose weight to get a better premium.

Waiting around without life insurance is unwise because we never know what will happen tomorrow. If you put off buying insurance until you reach your ideal weight and you pass away, your family would be left with nothing.

If you need life insurance, but you are not sure that you will lose weight, buy life insurance now and pay a bit higher premium. Upon reaching your ideal weight, you can apply again to get better premiums. Or, the best thing you can do is to apply for a company that does not even ask about your weight.

Work with an independent agency like Funeral Funds that can point you to the life insurance companies that do not use a build chart. These companies will not ask about your weight because they don’t care if you are overweight, obese, or morbidly obese.

Don’t take the risk of living without insurance because of your weight. We can help you qualify for first-day coverage with the best rates.


Trying to find a policy if you are overweight or obese needn’t be a frustrating process; working with an independent agency like Funeral Funds will make the process easier and quicker.

If you have a health history of obesity, let us help you; we will work with you side by side to find a plan that fits your needs.

We will work with you every step of the way to find the plan that fits your financial requirements and budget. You don’t have to waste your precious time anymore searching for multiple insurance companies because we will do the dirty work for you.

We will shop your case to different insurance carriers and get you the best price.

We work with many A+ rated insurance carriers that specialized in covering high-risk clients like you.  We will search all those companies to get the best rate. We will match you up with the best burial insurance company that gives the best rate.

We will assist you in securing the coverage you need at a rate you can afford. So, if you are looking for overweight funeral insurance, or overweight burial insurance, or overweight life insurance fill out our quote form to get an accurate quote.