How to Choose a Funeral Home

This extensive guide is written to help you choose a funeral home. You can choose a funeral home both before or after a death occurs. This guide will help you plan and research the right funeral home for you or your loved one’s celebration of life.

People often select a funeral home because it’s close to home, has served their family in the past, or is recommended by someone they trust. But limiting your options to just one funeral home often results in you paying more than necessary for the funeral. It also narrows your choice of goods and services.

Looking for a funeral home doesn’t have to be difficult, especially if you do it before the need for a funeral arises. Planning ahead can help you make thoughtful and informed decisions about the funeral arrangements.

This guide will help you find and choose a professional, knowledgeable, and caring funeral home that best meets your needs. By choosing wisely, you could save a lot of money, and get the satisfaction from the goods and services you will receive.




You should know what type of funeral service you want before you call the funeral home. If you call without any idea, funeral homes will often try and sell you an expensive funeral package, which includes many extra services. These services include embalming, casket, dressing the body, and funeral viewing services.

Many families may want these extra services, but some don’t require them, and they will be satisfied with a direct burial or direct cremation without embalming. By knowing what funeral services and goods you need, you can ask the funeral homes for it, and you will not have to pay for unnecessary items.

Choose the Type of Funeral Arrangement

  1. You may want to donate your body to a medical school or research facility. Your survivors will incur no charge if you choose this option. The medical school will pay for your cremation.
  2. Direct cremation and direct burial have no need for embalming or viewing. This option is less expensive.
  3. You can also opt for green or natural burial where you will be put in a shroud or cardboard box. This option is also affordable and ecologically friendly.
  4. You could also consider a funeral service at home instead of paying for the funeral home facility and staff.
  5. You can also choose to have a traditional burial with embalming, viewing, flowers, and an elaborate funeral service.

Write down the type of funeral arrangement you want in advance so that your family will know your funeral preferences. Your funeral choices will be the most significant factor that will help you in determining the most reasonably-priced funeral home that will fulfill your final wishes.


List your priorities. Here are some guide questions to ask yourself in order to set your priorities.

  1. Do you want a funeral home that is close to your home, cemetery or church?
  2. How important is the proximity of the funeral home to your home?
  3. Are you satisfied with the funeral home you used before?
  4. Are you going to adhere to your cultural or religious norm?
  5. Do you want to have a visitation, viewing or funeral?
  6. Do you want a large funeral facility with enough parking?
  7. Will you need high-tech video screens?
  8. Do you want a simple funeral?
  9. Is simplicity or extravagance your priority?


Consult with your family and discuss your budget and decide on the affordable amount that you are willing to pay without causing hardship. You need to know your budget before you start shopping for a funeral.

Looking for a funeral home must be like an expensive purchase – know its affordability before making a purchase. Accepting the price from the first funeral home and then struggling to find the funds later is a costly mistake.

Ask your loved ones about their preferences. If you want to make a funeral plan for a family member, check to see if they left their last wishes on paper.

Ask your family if your loved one had already prepaid their funeral years ago. Check for any burial plans or documents that could aid in making decisions before you choose a funeral home.


Once you’ve determined the qualities that you look for in a funeral home, you can begin to use these criteria to find potential funeral homes. There are several ways to find a reputable funeral home in your area:

  • Ask for recommendations – ask friends and family members if they know of a funeral home that they can recommend. Ask about their funeral home experiences.
  • Search online – look for funeral homes in your area online. You can also search for local funeral homes for online directories. Check for customer reviews on sites like Yelp or Angie’s list before making a decision.
  • Call professional Funeral Associations – Ask the funeral association such as the National Funeral Directors Association for a list of their active members in your area. Funeral associations require their members to adhere to a strict code of conduct.


The Federal Trade Commission enforces a Funeral Rule to make it possible for you to choose the goods and services you need and pay only for those you select.

The Funeral Rule gives you the right to:

  1. Buy only the funeral arrangements you want
  2. Get itemized pricing over the telephone
  3. Get a written, price list for each item when you go to the funeral home
  4. See a written casket price list before you see the actual caskets
  5. See a written outer burial container price list
  6. Get a written quote after you decide what you want and before you pay
  7. Get an explanation in the written statement from the funeral home that describes any legal cemetery or crematory requirements
  8. Use another container in place of a casket for cremation
  9. Use a casket or urn you buy elsewhere
  10. Make funeral arrangements without embalming


Once you know what services you need, you can ask the funeral home for the list of prices. You can also ask your nearest Funeral Association to check if they have a copy of price list in your local area. If you can’t find a price survey, look online for funeral home listings.

The funeral home is required to give you the price of their funeral goods and services. Check the range of cost for the funeral goods and services you need. Make a cost comparison before picking out the most affordable funeral home.

Typical services and goods associated with a traditional full-service funeral:

  • Pickup of the body
  • Embalming and other preparation
  • Cremation
  • Coffin/Urn
  • Funeral directors and staff fees
  • Funeral home facility use
  • Burial vault
  • Graveside service, including staff and equipment
  • Hearse
  • Other vehicles


Most people overpay for funeral because they do not shop multiple funeral homes. Do not settle for the geographically closest one to your home without comparing prices.

Check the Red Book Funeral Directory or National Funeral Directors Association for the funeral homes nearest to your area and get their contact information.

If you’re conducting price comparison, save yourself time and travel by calling the funeral home directly. Call five to seven funeral homes and get the prices for goods and funeral services you need. Compare the prices before choosing a funeral home. Comparing prices can save you thousands of dollars for the same funeral services.


After calling funeral homes and comparing prices, schedule a meeting with the funeral director to check their facilities. List your concern and bring that list together with a friend who is less emotional and more objective about the arrangement than you. Meet the funeral director and tour each facility carefully. Assess the facilities and staff.

You may want to check their urn collection and caskets. Check the cleanliness and appearance of the funeral home. Assess if the staffs are helpful. Ask if they respect your religious and cultural beliefs. Check to see if they utilize modern technology. Choose a funeral home with a funeral director you are agreeable with and you like the facilities.

Go over your specific funeral arrangement choices with the funeral director and request for a quote. The quote should include the services and items you need and the price for each and the total cost. Get a copy of the quote to review objectively. Compare quotes and talk them out with your family.


After comparing prices, narrow down your list of potential funeral homes. Below are some guide questions to consider.


  1. How long have you been in business?
  2. Are you an independent funeral home?
  3. Do you belong to any associations or organizations?
  4. Are your services handled in-house or outsourced to vendors?
  5. Do you own a crematory?
  6. What kinds of funeral packages do you offer?
  7. Do you have separate pricing for urns, caskets, and other funeral goods?
  8. Will you respect my personal beliefs?
  9. Can I customize the funeral service?
  10. What are my payment options?
  11. Are you familiar with burial insurance? Will you work with my insurance company?
  12. Are you on call 24/7?


Ask the funeral directors about the payment options. Find out if they are familiar with burial insurance or final expense insurance. Will they work with your insurance company even if the burial insurance was not purchased from the funeral home? The funeral home should be able to work with your insurance company.

Find out if, in case of financial need, they can arrange accommodations for the most affordable services possible. They should also outline to you what happens the moment they get a death notification.


Thoroughly evaluate all the information from different funeral homes and compare prices for each good and service you require. Assess the facility and staff before choosing the funeral home you want best. You can then ask the funeral director to start the funeral arrangements.

Begin by answering the pre-need planning questionnaire of the funeral home and give all the details. Make an advance payment if the funeral home requires it. But, never sign any contract that you and your family can’t find the money for.

If you want to pre-arrange your funeral, don’t forget to inform your family about your plans. Show them your written instructions and your chosen funeral home. Copies of your last wishes must be given to your family. Avoid putting your written instructions in your safe deposit box because they may find it after the funeral.


Here’s a list of qualities a good funeral home should possess. Consider these qualities when choosing a funeral home.

1. Possess a good reputation

When looking for a funeral home, select the one that possesses a good reputation. Read online reviews, ask for people’s stories about their personal experience with the funeral home.

2. Offers a good location, services, and facility

Choose a funeral home at a convenient location, near your home, or the cemetery. A convenient location will be helpful for funeral preparations. Check the funeral home facility, will it be able to hold the number of guests you expect? Make sure that the funeral home offers the services you need. Do they offer embalming, cremation, or transportation services? Make sure the funeral home can accomplish your wishes.

3. Transparent on Cost and product description

Funeral homes are required to follow the Funeral Rule by The Federal Trade Commission. They must provide you with a general price list of their products and services.

4. Accommodates religious and cultural beliefs

A good funeral home will help you honor your cultural and religious beliefs.

5. Employs compassionate staff

Funeral staff must know how to treat grieving families with kindness and professionalism. Excellent customer service gives the funeral home a good reputation.

6. Willing to provide a personalized experience

The funeral home will create a personalized service that is unique to your needs and values. The best funeral is the one that is personalized.

7. Uses Up-to-date technology

Look for a funeral home that uses up-to-date technology to create memorial videos, online funeral planning services, and webcasting services.

8. Excellent customer service

Funeral homes with caring and compassionate staff can give excellent customer service. The company is committed to the families they serve. Check for good online reviews.

9. Offers grief support

Check if the funeral home provides after-sales services like grief counseling, in-home visits, and phone calls.

10. Provides education and community programs

A good funeral home involves the community during and after the funeral. They also provide education programs about estate planning and funeral preplanning.


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