2024 Burial Insurance with Liver Cirrhosis

Burial insurance with liver cirrhosis can be challenging to find for someone with no insurance experience because only a handful of companies offer first-day insurance coverage for this health condition. 

Working with a knowledgeable independent insurance agent will find first-day coverage for someone with cirrhosis of the liver.

Read on as we answer all your questions about burial insurance with liver cirrhosis.


What Is Liver Cirrhosis?

Liver cirrhosis is a serious condition in which healthy liver tissue is replaced by scar tissue. This scar tissue prevents the liver from functioning properly.

When the liver is damaged, it tries to repair itself. However, over time, this repair process can lead to scar tissue formation. Scar tissue cannot perform the same functions as healthy liver tissue. As a result, the liver becomes less and less able to function properly.

There are many causes of liver cirrhosis, including:

  • Alcohol abuse
  • Hepatitis B or C infection
  • Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)
  • Autoimmune hepatitis
  • Primary biliary cholangitis
  • Sclerosing cholangitis
  • Cystic fibrosis

There is no cure for liver cirrhosis, but treatment can help slow the progression of the disease and manage symptoms. Treatment may include:

  • Medication to reduce inflammation and scarring
  • Medications to control complications, such as fluid buildup or bleeding
  • Liver transplant, in severe cases

Here are some factors that can affect your life insurance application if you have liver cirrhosis:

  • Cause of cirrhosis: The cause of your cirrhosis can play a role. If it was caused by a controllable factor like heavy alcohol use, the company may view you as a higher risk.
  • Severity of the condition: The stage and progression of your cirrhosis will be a major factor. Early-stage, well-controlled cirrhosis will be viewed more favorably than advanced stages with complications.
  • Overall health: Other health conditions you have can also impact the insurance company’s decision.

Can I Get Burial Insurance With Liver Cirrhosis?

Yes, you can qualify for burial insurance or final expense insurance with liver cirrhosis, depending on the insurance company, the state you live in, and any other possible health issues.

What Are Types of Burial Insurance Available For People With Liver Cirrhosis?

First-Day Coverage – First-day coverage has no waiting period and doesn’t require a medical exam. There’s just a few easy-to-answer health questions to qualify.  Coverage starts after you pay the first premium.

Guaranteed Issue – No medical exam or health questionnaire is required, making it easy to qualify if you have liver cirrhosis. The only downside is that a guaranteed issue life insurance policy always comes with a two-year waiting period. What this means is that if you die in the first two years for any health or medical reason, the policy will pay out NO DEATH BENEFIT at all.

How Can Liver Disease Affect My Insurance Rates?

Liver disease has a significant impact on your insurance rates…depending on what company you go with. When looking for insurance coverage with liver cirrhosis, you want to avoid any policies with a mandatory 2-year waiting period, as they can be twice as 2X more expensive as first-day coverage. 

What Is My Best Insurance Option If I Have Liver Cirrhosis?

Liver Cirrhosis Only – Depending on the applicant and their state, you can qualify for first-day coverage. This would only be the case if a person is undergoing treatments and their health is relatively stable.

Past Liver Transplant – Depending on the applicant and their state, you can qualify for first-day coverage, depending on how many years since the transplant occurred. 

Liver Transplant Recommended – Your only option for a recommended liver transplant in the future would be a guaranteed issue burial insurance policy with a two-year waiting period.

Do I Need A Medical Exam To Get Burial Insurance?

No, you don’t have to take a medical exam to qualify for burial insurance with liver cirrhosis. There are just a few health questions we typically ask, and you’ll almost always get the official approval from the insurance company within minutes!

And, just in case you were wondering…you also don’t need to provide medical records or blood and urine samples.

What If I’m Declined Coverage Because Of Liver Cirrhosis?

Not all insurance companies have the same underwriting guidelines. Some companies specialize in providing first-day coverage for people with liver cirrhosis.

Working with Funeral Funds of America can help you identify the best companies to qualify for burial insurance.

How Much Does Liver Cirrhosis Burial Insurance Cost?

Premiums for burial insurance with liver cirrhosis coverage can vary based on factors such as age, gender, state of residence, type of policy, coverage amount, overall health, and the severity of the condition.

Burial Insurance Underwriting With Liver Cirrhosis

Every life insurance company offering first-day coverage plans will verify your current health by asking you some basic health questions on their insurance application form.

Liver cirrhosis is often asked about with questions like these:

  • Have you ever had, or been diagnosed with, or received, or been advised to receive treatment or medication for liver disease or conditions such as chronic hepatitis or cirrhosis of the liver?
  • During the past 24 months, have you been diagnosed with cirrhosis or liver disease?
  • In the PAST 10 YEARS, have you opted to NOT seek treatment, have NOT taken medication, and/or have NOT followed the prescribed treatment plan following a medical diagnosis by a member of the medical profession for liver cirrhosis?

Sometimes, you will not see the word “liver cirrhosis” on the health questionnaire. They will refer to it this way:

  • Have you been diagnosed or treated for any liver condition?
  • Have you EVER been medically diagnosed, treated by a member of the medical profession, or prescribed medication for liver disease?

You need to honestly answer “yes” to that health question because cirrhosis is a liver disease.

Liver Transplant

Every 1st-day coverage company will ask about transplants in their health questionnaire.

You will often see transplant questions asked this way:

  • Do you have an organ or bone marrow transplant? Are you advised to get one?
  • Within the LAST 5 YEARS have you been advised to by a member of the medical profession to have an organ transplant?

How To Find Affordable Burial Insurance With Cirrhosis of the Liver

The most affordable plans will come with health questions first-day coverage. Getting a 2-year waiting period plan is going to be an expensive mistake that should be avoided. 

How Can Funeral Funds Help Me?

You don’t have to waste time searching with multiple insurance companies because we can do this work for you. We work with many A+ rated insurance carriers specializing in covering high-risk clients. 

Our licensed insurance agents search all the best companies to get you the best rates, and we promise to make the process quick and easy. 

Fill out our quote form on this page or call us at (888) 862-9456, and we can give you an accurate quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get life insurance if you have alcoholic-related cirrhosis of the liver?

Yes, you may be able to get burial insurance with alcoholic cirrhosis. You may even qualify for a 1st-day coverage plan if you are undergoing treatment and following your doctor’s orders. The key is that you can’t be an alcoholic anymore with most companies if you want 1st-day coverage.

Can you be denied insurance if you have liver cirrhosis?

Yes, you can be denied first-day coverage insurance for liver cirrhosis. Different life insurance companies will deny your life insurance application if you have not been following doctors’ orders.

What are some tips for getting life insurance with liver cirrhosis?

Some tips for getting life insurance with liver cirrhosis are:

  • Work with an independent life insurance agent who understands your condition and can help you find a policy that meets your needs.
  • Apply for a plan that asks health questions.
  • Be honest about your health history when you apply for life insurance. The insurance company will review your medical records before making a decision.
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