Life Insurance for Seniors Over 80

If you’re looking for life insurance for seniors over 80, your options are very limited. Finding insurance for seniors over 80 can be tough. Getting life insurance coverage when you are over the age of 80 is much different than when you are younger. Your coverage options and the amount of coverage you can obtain may be limited.

Some of the options that are available for seniors over 80 are not very affordable, and some require a waiting period.  You should understand a little bit more about the types of life insurance for someone over the age of 80 so that you’ll know what to look for. Fortunately, it is possible to find life insurance for seniors over 80, and Funeral Funds can help you find that coverage.

Today is the best time to plan on obtaining life insurance to ensure your final expenses are taken care of. Waiting any longer puts you at risk of having to pay a higher premium. Funeral Funds can help you secure life insurance for seniors over 80 at an affordable price. We’ve helped many seniors in their 80’s get coverage, and we’ll show you how easy it can be.


Yes, you can get life insurance coverage in your 80’s. There are dozens of life insurance carriers that will issue you a policy that has no waiting period if you pass underwriting.

If you’re a senior citizen over 80 years old, your only life insurance option is a whole life burial insurance. The other types of life insurance are not available at this age because of the average life expectancy of a U.S. citizen.

Burial insurance for seniors over 80 have the following features:

  • The insurance policy will not expire at any age
  • Fixed monthly rates. Your premium will be locked in for life. It will not increase with age or health condition.
  • The death benefit payout is guaranteed never to decrease.

Getting whole life insurance with no waiting period is possible for seniors over 80. Getting a life insurance policy without a waiting period will depend on your health and underwriting.

If you are looking for life insurance for over 80 years of age there are some critical factors to be aware of that will help you find the most affordable coverage for your needs:

Age 85 is the standard maximum age to obtain life insurance. If you don’t obtain a policy by age 85, there are only two companies that take on applicants who are 86-90 years old. But you have to be in good health to qualify. After age 90 you will not be able to qualify with any life insurance company for any amount of coverage.

Your life insurance options are limited. Once you reach your 80’s, a majority of life insurance companies will only offer you whole life insurance, also known as burial insurance or final expense policy.

The death benefit amount you can be eligible for is limited. If you hope to get a one million dollar face amount, it will be difficult but not impossible (even if you have perfect health and you can afford it). But most companies have a cap on the amount of life insurance coverage you can obtain once you reach your eighties.

You can get the best deal in your life insurance for the elderly over 80 with a knowledgeable insurance agent who focuses primarily on no medical exam final expense insurance for seniors over 70 or 80.


Burial insurance is a kind of whole life insurance. It is always a simplified issue, meaning you are not required to take a medical exam to qualify. Because they are whole life, the policy will not expire at any age. The monthly premium cannot increase for any reason, and the death benefit is guaranteed never to decrease.

With burial insurance, when you pass away the life insurance company will give a check tax-free to your beneficiary.

The life insurance payout will provide them with the necessary funds to pay for your final expenses. If there are any amounts left over, it stays with your family to use as they see fit rather than the funds going to the funeral home.

Burial insurance for seniors over 80 is designed to cover you for your whole life. You will never have to worry about outliving your policy. It is a guarantee that many people get, whether they are shopping for life insurance for themselves or getting insurance for their elderly parents over 80.

If you are approved for the level benefit insurance, you will be covered from the first day of your policy. You will not have to endure a waiting period. If you work with Funeral Funds, we will help you find a policy that does not have a waiting period.


In 2017, according to the National Funeral Directors Association, the average cost of a funeral was roughly $8,755. There is a noticeable increase in price from 2014, which was only about $8,508. We will show you a better estimate of the cost of a funeral.

2017 National Median Cost of an Adult Funeral with Viewing and Burial

$2,100  Non-declinable basic services fee

$325  Removal of remains to funeral home

$725 Embalming

$250 other preparation of the body

$425 Use of facilities/staff for viewing

$500 Use of facilities/ staff for the funeral ceremony

$325 Hearse

$150   Service car/van

$160 Basic memorial printed package

$2,400 Metal Casket


$7,360 Median cost of a funeral with viewing and burial

$1,395 Vault


$8,755 Total with Vault

These figures are just estimated and do not include the cost of the cemetery, crematory fees, obituaries, and flowers.

On top of the funeral and burial cost, there are other bills that need to be considered. Any outstanding bill that you will leave needs to be taken care of.

Other final expenses:

  • Medical bills
  • Credit card debt
  • Income loss
  • Travel costs for out of town relatives to attend the funeral[/su_list]

You need life insurance to cover all of these costs as well as any outstanding bills upon your passing.


Funeral costs and burial expenses. Whole life burial insurance can cover the cost of the funeral and other burial expenses. The average funeral cost is around $8,755, and the price continues to go up each year.

Medical bills. Many seniors have long-term illness before they pass away and others may even have an accident that leaves them hospitalized for a time before they die. In either case, there will most likely be thousands of dollars in medical bills left to be paid.

Other debt and bills. If you have outstanding loan, or unpaid credit card debt, auto loan or mortgage, or other final bills such as utilities, these are costs that will be left to your loved ones when you pass away.

Taxes and probate cost. If you have a large estate, then your family will be left with a big tax bill. Your estate will go to probate courts, and your family will need to pay attorney fees and court costs.

Aside from the expenses associated with death, you may want to leave some money behind to your spouse to replace income or your grandchildren for education. All these costs can be covered with life insurance.


Life insurance for seniors can still be affordable. Life insurance for seniors over 80 does not have to be expensive. We will help you find coverage that is easy on the budget.

Your funeral and burial will be covered. Funerals are getting more and more expensive each year. Securing burial insurance can help you protect your family from the financial burden of paying for your funeral and burial.

Your final expenses can be covered. If you leave behind some bills when you pass away, life insurance can help your family take care of these final expenses and debts.

Leave something behind for your family. If you want to leave a little something behind for your family when you’re gone, life insurance can help you do that. Even though death benefit for funeral insurance for seniors over the age of 80 is not very high, it can be enough to leave behind something for your loved ones.


When shopping for burial insurance, you might notice that your options are limited. There are three types of life insurance that you will be able to choose from:

Level benefit – a policy with level benefit covers you immediately from day one of the policy. It does not have a waiting period and will pay death benefit directly to your beneficiary after your death.

Graded benefit – If you pass away right after getting the policy, your beneficiary will not receive the full death benefit. There is a waiting period. Your beneficiary will receive 30% of the death benefit if you pass on the first year and 70% death benefit if you pass on the second year. Your beneficiary will only receive the full death benefit if you pass on the third year of the policy.

Modified Benefit – There is also a waiting period with this type of policy. If your death occurs on the first two years of the policy, your beneficiary will only receive the return of premium plus interest usually 10%. The full death benefit will only be received after the two-year waiting period.


You will be able to secure a life insurance policy with affordable premiums if you don’t have any significant health condition. You may be able to find life insurance for people over 80 with a low premium if you do did not undergo a major surgery recently and have not been diagnosed with a terminal illness or any serious medical condition.

You will need to pass the health questionnaire and prove that you don’t smoke or consume alcohol. Smoking or drinking regularly can have a negative consequence on your health and life insurance. You will be able to get lower premiums on your policy if you quit smoking and drinking one year before applying. Premiums will likely be a little higher if you apply before 12 months. Quitting smoking and drinking will keep you healthy and make your life insurance premium affordable.

Suffering from a minor health condition like high blood pressure will not have any impact on your premiums. If you have a health condition that could affect your approval for life insurance, it might be advisable to purchase a no-exam plan or guaranteed issue life insurance. You are guaranteed to be approved for this type of policy regardless of your health but your premiums will be more expensive.

Premiums are more affordable with plans with health questions. Consider getting a no medical guaranteed acceptance policy if you will not qualify for simplified issue policy. You will be able to buy a policy without any test or health questions with this type of policy.


Now that you have some understanding of whole life burial insurance, here are the types of life insurance policies NOT to buy:

Term Plan being sold as burial insurance

There are some companies that will try and sell you term life insurance without being truthful up front. These policies will cost less per month but will cover a temporary period. If you die outside the term, you will have no money to pay for your funeral.

Globe Life and AARP are two companies that are known for boasting lower rate. These companies sell term life plans for seniors looking for burial insurance.

Insurance that comes in the mail of you see on TV

There are many companies that advertise on TV or send you mail advertisements. You can apply to these offers through the mail. Just fill out the application form with your bank info. They claim that your acceptance is guaranteed and you cannot be denied.

They are selling guaranteed acceptance life insurance. These policies do not require medical underwriting or health question. If you meet their age requirements, you are sure to be accepted. These policies have two drawbacks. First, they are more expensive and second, they have a two year waiting period before the policy will pay any benefits.

Avoid these offers because you may qualify for burial insurance with health questions that will cover you immediately. Try to apply with plans that have health questions because your premium will be more affordable and you don’t have to endure a two-year waiting period.


The cost of life insurance for senior citizens over 80 vary. The state that you live in can have an effect on how much you will pay for life insurance. Men and women also have different rates. Men tend to pay more because women, in general, live longer than men.

Your exact age can also have an impact on your life insurance rate. Rates go higher as you grow older. Smoking also affects life insurance rate. Smokers pay a higher premium than non-smokers.

As you can see, your rates vary depending on your age, death benefit and the type of policy. You need to be aware that rates will vary by as much as 50% from one company to the other. It is because every insurance carrier has different underwriting criteria.

If you want to know exactly how much you will need to pay for life insurance, we suggest you fill in your information on the instant quote form on this page. You will be instantly seeing your options for life insurance seniors over 80 with accurate quotes.


It’s true that finding the best life insurance for seniors over 80 can be a challenge. The most significant problem seniors encounter when finding the best burial insurance is dealing with their health issues. Health issues can cause your premiums to go up.

Some insurance companies will charge you a higher premium if you are taking prescription medication. We will review your prescriptions and health issues to help you find the best life insurance companies that don’t have issues with your medications. Once we made a list of those companies, we will select the cheapest option that suits your needs.

We have helped many people find burial insurance and get the coverage they need at a price that is affordable. We know your options, and we will help you. It is essential to choose the right company for your need because it could save you hundreds of dollars per year. You can compare multiple life insurance rates by answering our instant quote form on this page.


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