Burial Insurance after a TIA or Transient Ischemic Attack

The great news that if you have had a TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack) most burial insurance carriers don’t even care about this condition and are accepting of your medical condition if enough time has passed….but read on for more information.

Some people will tell you that you cannot get affordable burial insurance after a TIA or Transient Ischemic Attack, but they are wrong. In fact, some burial insurance companies are very open to accepting an applicant who had a TIA. There are also burial insurance companies that don’t even ask about Transient Ischemic Attack.

We have helped many TIA clients acquire burial insurance plans. We are going to show you how we did it. This means you will pay the lowest cost, and your coverage will be effective the first day no waiting period.

If you or someone you love had a Transient Ischemic Attack, then you need to read this article. We will now reveal what insurance companies look for, what your options are, and how to find affordable burial insurance after a TIA.



YES, you can qualify for burial insurance after a TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack) or a mini-stroke.

TIA or mini-stroke is different from a full-blown stroke. If you have a TIA your options are significantly better compared with a full-blown stroke.

Some burial insurance carriers do not inquire about TIA or mini-stroke. You can get yourself approved for level death benefit with first-day coverage.

Some companies look at  TIA patients more negatively and charge higher prices and you will be required to have a waiting period. It is always wise to work with an insurance agent that has access to many different final expense companies. This will assure that you are matched up with a burial insurance company that does not mind your past TIA.

The best thing about burial insurance is that you don’t have to take a medical exam to qualify. You only need to answer a few basic questions about your health (and we even have some plans that ask no health questions).


Transient Ischemic Attack is commonly known as a mini-stroke which happens if there’s a brief interruption on the blood supply to the brain. An atherosclerotic plaque or temporary blood clot is often the cause of TIA. It is typically minor and resolves within a day.

The net result of this temporary blood clot is not permanent damage. The lack of permanent damage is the reason why some burial insurance companies do not consider TIA as a high-risk event. However, some insurance companies will.

TIA or mini-stroke generally occurs with high cholesterol, elevated blood pressure, and hardening of the arteries. In some medical conditions like diabetes, coronary artery disease, valve disorder, or afib, it could result in a higher premium and a waiting period.

Life insurance companies care about TIA because it could be an indication of a full stroke. However, TIA is less severe than a full stroke. Therefore you can still get yourself approved for most burial insurance plans.

Your coverage options depend on whether you will qualify for burial insurance companies that don’t care about TIA. If you have other health issues that prevent you from getting coverage with them, guaranteed issue burial insurance may be your best option.


Here are some questions that may be asked when applying for a burial insurance plan.

  1. When was the last time you had a Transient Ischemic Attack?
  2. How many times did you have a TIA?
  3. What were your symptoms before and after TIA?
  4. After your TIA, were you diagnosed with any other medical condition?
  5. What medications are you currently taking?
  6. Do you currently have any physical disabilities or neurological disorders?

These questions will help us understand your medical history to qualify you for the best-priced burial insurance plan.


The basic purpose of insurance underwriting is to determine what kind of plan you will qualify and how much you will pay if your application is approved. Burial insurance companies with underwriting will ask about TIA in their health questions.

You will see them ask about TIA in one of the following two ways:

  • Have you been diagnosed or treated for a TIA or mini-stroke within the last 24 months?
  • Have you been diagnosed or treated for a Transient Ischemic Attack within the last 12 months?

Most burial insurance companies have a two-year look-back period on TIA. However, there are some that will only ask about it in the last 12 months.


Aside from the health questions, burial insurance carriers will electronically check your prescription history. They do this to look for medications that treat any health conditions.

Here is the medication information burial insurance companies will get from your prescription history:

  1. The kind of medication you are taking.
  2. The date of your first prescription.
  3. If you consistently take your prescription since you first fill for it.

Burial insurance companies will mainly look for common medications that are often prescribed for TIA most of them are blood thinners to prevent mini-stroke.

Common medications for Transient Ischemic Attack:

  • Apixaban (Eliquis)
  • Clopidogrel (Plavix)
  • Dabigatran (Pradaxa)
  • Dipyridamole (Persantine)
  • Edoxaban (Lixiana, Savaysa)
  • Rivaroxaban (Xarelto)
  • Warfarin (Coumadin, Jantoven)

If you are taking any of these drugs due to your mini-stroke, expect that some final expense insurance providers will consider you as a TIA patient. These medications will prove you had a mini-stroke (even if you answer no to the TIA question).

If you are taking any of these medications, don’t worry. We will match you with these companies that are more accepting of these medications.

It is very common for burial insurance carriers to practice what is called “first fill protocol” to determine how long you had been taking medications. For example, you are taking Warfarin for a mini-stroke. They will see when you first filled the prescription for Warfarin.

If your first fill were over two years ago, they would conclude that you haven’t had a stroke within the last two years.

Having Warfarin prescription clearly indicates that you had a mini-stroke within the last two years (even if you answered no to the mini-stroke question).


You will qualify for immediate coverage

Some burial insurance companies we work with essentially treat TIA as a non-issue. They don’t ask about it in their health questions. They will not mind if you have it, to them TIA applicant is considered a healthy individual. If you have TIA you will qualify for immediate coverage, and you can access the lowest rates possible.

We can help you qualify with these companies offering immediate coverage.

You will have to pay more, and you will have a waiting period

If you don’t qualify for immediate coverage, we still have an option for coverage. You can still be eligible for a guaranteed issue burial insurance. You will need to pay anywhere from 15 to 30% more, and you will have a two-year waiting period.

You cannot avoid a waiting period if you have other medical condition or you’ve been hospitalized because of TIA.

Funeral Insurance, Final Expense Insurance, Burial Insurance After A Transient Ischemic Attack Infographic



Level death benefit policies provide a full death benefit from day one of the policy; it doesn’t have a waiting period.

Level death benefit never requires a medical exam, and you only need to answer some health questions. This is the policy option we strive to get our clients. If you have mini-stroke with no underlying heart issue, we can get you level death benefit from burial insurance companies that never ask about this health condition.


If you had a TIA or mini-stroke and you have other health issues, this is the only type of burial insurance that you will qualify. The main advantage of a guaranteed issue policy is that you can get protection quicker than traditional life insurance.

Because there are no medical exam or health questions, there is no underwriting, and you can get insurance coverage right away.

If you want insurance protection quickly, this is the best option for you. This policy has a fixed premium that doesn’t increase, your death benefit will never decrease, and your policy will stay in force as long as you pay the premium.


Your TIA was within the last 12 months

If you recently had a mini-stroke, you cannot avoid a full two-year waiting period, and you will have to pay more for your premiums. Every burial insurance company will not approve recent TIA patients for their level death benefit with immediate coverage.

Your TIA was over one year but within the last two years

The more time has passed since your recent attack, the better options you will get for coverage. Life insurance year after stroke, there are burial insurance companies that look back one year for a mini-stroke. You will be eligible for level death benefit if you don’t have any other medical condition that may prevent you from qualifying from those companies.

Your TIA was over two years ago

If your last attack was over two years ago, you will have the best options available to you. Most burial insurance companies only look back two years on mini-strokes. Since it’s been more than two years since your last attack, you will now qualify for level death benefit with any company.


Trying to find a policy with a TIA  mini-stroke needn’t be a frustrating process; working with an independent agency like Funeral Funds will make the process easier and quicker.

If you have a health history of a TIA  Transient Ischemic Attack, let us help you; we will work with you side by side to find a plan that fits your needs.

We will work with you every step of the way to find the plan that fits your financial requirements and budget. You don’t have to waste your precious time anymore searching for multiple insurance companies because we will do the dirty work for you.

We will shop your case to different insurance carriers and get you the best price.

We work with many A+ rated insurance carriers that specialized in covering high-risk clients like you. We will search all those companies to get the best rate. We will match you up with the best burial insurance company that gives the best rate.

We will assist you in securing the coverage you need at a rate you can afford. So, if you are looking for a TIA  Transient Ischemic Attack funeral insurance, or a TIA  Transient Ischemic Attack burial insurance, or a TIA  Transient Ischemic Attack life insurance, we can help. Fill out our quote form on this page or call us at (888) 862-9456 and we can give you an accurate quote.