2024 Gerber Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Review – Pros & Cons

Gerber Life also provides life insurance products for adults and seniors…but they would rarely be your best choice.

In this article, we will review Gerber Life insurance company’s guaranteed life insurance plan.

By the time you’re done, you’ll know if Gerber’s guaranteed issue final expense plan is right for you (which it probably won’t!).

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What to Ask Before Buying Gerber Life Insurance

What Are My Policy Options With Gerber?

Gerber offers guaranteed life insurance for seniors, also called guaranteed acceptance life insurance.

You don’t have to take a medical exam, and it does not ask any health questions.

If you are 50 to 80 years old, you will be approved for coverage regardless of your health condition.

Does Gerber Life insurance have a waiting period?

Guaranteed life insurance from Gerber Life has a mandatory two-year waiting period.

If you die from natural causes during the waiting period, they will only receive all the premiums you paid plus 10% interest.

Gerber will only pay 100% death benefit if you die from an accident during the waiting period.

Does Gerber Have Any Hidden “Fine Print” In Their Policy?

We don’t recommend insurance policies that have mandatory 2-year waiting periods. Here is Gerber’s exact policy language:

“Our payment of a Graded Death Benefit for the first two (2) years of coverage enables Gerber Life to guarantee acceptance of all applicants ages 50 to 80. If death occurs within the first two policy years for any reason other than an accident, all premiums plus 10% interest shall be paid to your beneficiary.”

This will be the death benefit payout structure should you buy Gerber guaranteed acceptance insurance:

  • First Year – Premiums + 10%
  • Second Year – Premiums + 10%
  • Third Year and Beyond – 100% death benefit

What Are The Pros & Cons Of Gerber Insurance?


  • Lifetime coverage with insurance protection until age 121
  • Guaranteed death benefit with death benefit will not decrease
  • Easy application that can be done over the phone with an agent
  • Everyone gets Approved regardless of health or medical condition
  • A large company with a high financial rating and the capacity to pay claims
  • No medical underwriting with no medical exam and no health questions to answer


  • Age 50-80 only, so younger and older people will not qualify for coverage.
  • Low coverage limits where you can only buy a maximum death benefit of $25,000
  • Expensive rates compensate for the risk of insuring everyone, regardless of their health.
  • Their mandatory 2-year waiting period will not pay out when you may need it the most.

Are There Any Riders Or Other Benefits With Gerber Life Insurance?

Gerber Life Insurance Riders

  • Unfortunately, Gerber does not offer any riders on their guaranteed issue plan.

Gerber Life Insurance Other Benefits

  • Policy Loans: “You can borrow against the cash value of your policy.” and “Your policy’s cash value continues to accumulate as long as premiums are paid.”
  • Surrender Option: “Surrender value” is the actual sum of money you’d receive if you terminated your policy, whether or not you ever took out a loan against the policy. (Gerber Life never requires you to surrender your policy unless you want to.).”
  • Premium Savings: “Automatic Payments enables you to have your premiums automatically deducted from your payment account. Setting up Automatic Payments using your checking or savings account can save you up to 10% on your premium bills!” They don’t say you will save 10%; they only say “up to” 10%…so be careful with this claim!

How Do I Get Approved By Gerber?

Gerber Life has an easy approval process because they approve everyone! However, a two-year waiting period policy should never be your first choice for life insurance!

Does Gerber Have A Same Day Approval Process?

Gerber has an electronic submission process for all life insurance policies, so you can get approved the same day you apply.

Does Gerber Offer A Phone Approval?

Yes, and there are no questions with the Gerber waiting period plan so you can get approved over the phone.

How Can I Get Gerber Life Insurance Pricing?

Gerber guaranteed issue life insurance rates are based on your age, gender, coverage amount, and the state you live in at the time of application.


*Pricing is for illustration purposes only and is subject to change without notice.

Gerber life insurance for adults is expensive if you have good to moderate health because you can qualify for a first-day coverage plan which is less expensive and has no 2-year waiting period. Gerber guaranteed issue life insurance should be your last option for insurance coverage.

How does Gerber Life insurance compare?

If you are open to looking at better insurance companies with better rates, we can offer you some help!

Common Gerber Company Questions

What Is Gerber’s Operational History

Gerber Life sells life insurance for families, children, and adult life insurance through all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Canada. Gerber is owned by its parent company, Western & Southern Financial Group.

Their headquarters are in Fremont, Michigan, with additional offices in Toronto and Ontario, Canada.

They have more than $45 billion of life insurance in force which helps provide financial security through over 3.3 million policies.

Gerber Life Insurance Company was created in 1967 as a subsidiary of Gerber Products Company (the baby food people).

It is one of the biggest direct-marketing life insurance companies in the U.S. Its mission is to be the brand parents trust to help them achieve financial security and protection for their families.

They sell insurance policies directly to consumers, and there is no middleman. You can get Gerber Life Insurance quotes online, and applications are available through a simple system.


1311 Mamaroneck Avenue
White Plains, NY 10605
Phone: (800) 704-2180
Customer Service: (800) 628-0560

Contact Info

Email: info@gerberlife.com
Website: https://www.gerberlife.com
Members Login: eService

What Is Gerber’s Financial Rating?

Gerber Life Insurance company has high rating levels with multiple rating services. A.M. Best, the industry’s authority on insurance companies’ financial stability, gives “An Excellent” rating to Gerber Life.

This means the company will have no difficulty paying insurance claims or meeting financial obligations in the future.

Although Gerber Life Insurance Company is not Better Business Bureau approved, the company has been given a grade of A+ by the BBB.

Gerber is perhaps the most recognizable brand in juvenile life insurance…but it may not be your best choice.

Does Gerber Have Any Consumer Complaints?

Consumer Affairs is a review company that allows customers to rate and review companies. There is over 90 customers’ review on Gerber life insurance, and they received 3.9 stars out of 5.

Most customer complaints involve poor customer service, precisely long wait times, unclear claims processes, and billing issues.

Sales Process

Gerber is not a “Captive Carrier.” Independent agencies like Funeral Funds of America can sell Gerber Life Insurance products.

Some agencies only sell one product and never tell you about other companies’ lower rates.

Informed buyers know that almost all other life insurance companies offer better coverage and rates, and most come with no waiting period.

Before You Buy

Is Gerber guaranteed issue life insurance good for me?

We rarely recommend Gerber very often for the people we help.

Gerber guaranteed issue life insurance comes with a mandatory 2-year waiting period. If you only have a common medical condition, you can easily qualify for a first-day coverage plan by answering health questions.

Another problem with the guaranteed issue policy is their pricing. It is more expensive than a first-day coverage plan because of the risk the company takes to insure people with significant health issues.

When to consider Gerber Life Insurance?

You should only consider buying Gerber guaranteed acceptance life insurance if you have any of these significant health conditions:

  • Activities Of Daily Living (ADLs)
  • Alzheimer’s or Dementia
  • AIDs, HIV, ARC
  • Current Cancer
  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • Cardiomyopathy
  • Dementia
  • Dialysis
  • Diabetic Amputation
  • End-stage Renal Disease
  • Hospice
  • Nursing Home Confinement
  • Organ or Tissue Transplant
  • Oxygen Use
  • Terminal Illness

Gerber guaranteed issue life insurance pricing is competitive compared with AIG and Colonial Penn.

Get Help Today

If you need burial, cremation, final expense, or funeral insurance coverage and want to ensure you get the lowest premium possible, Funeral Funds of America can help you shop and compare companies, policies, and prices.

Use our quoting software below to see how Gerber pricing compares to other companies.

  • $10,000 to 15,000 is often appropriate for burial needs
  • $3,000 to $7,000 is often appropriate for cremation needs

Top 10 Questions

How do I stop getting mail from Gerber Life Insurance? If you are a registered online user, you may request to get off the Gerber mailing list by calling (877) 313-2114. You can also unsubscribe from their email list by clicking the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the email.
How do I know if I have Gerber Life Insurance? To check if you have Gerber Life insurance or Gerber Life Grow Up Plan, call Gerber at (800) 704-2180. You can also check your policy number in the approval email or premium notice.
How can I find a replacement for my Gerber policy? You can find a replacement for your Gerber policy by working with an independent life insurance agent who can price shop for you and recommend the best insurance policy at the best price. Ensure your Gerber policy is still active while looking for a replacement policy. When your replacement policy is active, you can cancel your Gerber insurance by calling the customer service hotline.
How do I cancel my Gerber life insurance policy? You can cancel your Gerber life insurance by calling the customer service hotline at (800) 704-3331. You will need to speak with a representative, provide your personal information and policy number, and request they cancel your plan. You will receive a confirmation email about the cancellation afterward.
How do I access my Gerber Life Insurance? Call Gerber customer service at (800) 628-0560 for new and existing claims.
Can you cash out a Gerber Life plan? You can borrow from your cash value by taking a policy loan or surrender your policy to receive the available cash value.
Can I pull money out of my Gerber Life Insurance? You cannot use your death benefit if you have a financial emergency. You can only borrow money against your cash value.
How soon can you borrow against a life insurance policy? You can borrow from your Gerber life insurance as soon as there is enough cash value in your account.
How do I surrender my Gerber Life Insurance policy? Call customer service at (800) 628-0560 or send a message to cancel your Gerber life insurance policy.
What are the common terms used when searching for Gerber Insurance? Here are some common terms people use when searching for, or describing Gerber life insurance Products:
  • Gerber Burial Insurance
  • Gerber Cremation Insurance
  • Gerber Final Expense Insurance
  • Gerber Funeral Insurance
  • Gerber Term Life Insurance
  • Gerber Universal Life Insurance
  • Gerber Whole Life Insurance
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