2024 Burial Insurance For People on Oxygen

People on oxygen may qualify for first-day coverage burial insurance depending on the insurance plans available in their state.

We receive weekly requests from people looking for first-day coverage with oxygen use. 

Read on to learn how insurance companies underwrite people on oxygen and your options.


What is Oxygen For?

Supplemental oxygen is used for people who have trouble getting enough oxygen into their bloodstream, often due to lung problems or sleep apnea.

  • Low Blood Oxygen Levels: People with lung diseases like COPD or heart failure may not be able to absorb enough oxygen from the air. This can lead to symptoms like shortness of breath, fatigue, and confusion. Supplemental oxygen increases the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream.
  • Sleep Apnea: This condition causes people to briefly stop breathing during sleep. This can lead to low blood oxygen levels and daytime sleepiness. Supplemental oxygen therapy can help improve sleep quality and daytime alertness.

Life insurance companies see needing supplemental oxygen as an increased risk factor. The impact on your rates will depend on the severity of your condition and how long you’ve needed oxygen. Short-term use for a specific illness might have a lesser effect than long-term use for a chronic condition.

Can You Get Burial Insurance If You Use Oxygen?

Yes. There is a first-day coverage burial insurance policy available to most people who use supplemental oxygen. These plans are state-specific, so you may need help understanding your options.

What Is My Best Insurance Option If I Use Oxygen?

OXYGEN USE FOR SLEEP APNEA – Every first-day coverage burial insurance company accepts oxygen use for sleep apnea. You will qualify for a first-day coverage plan with no waiting period and the lowest rates. You will be covered from the first payment date, and your beneficiary will receive your full death benefit amount when you pass away.

TEMPORARY OXYGEN USE (less than 24 hours a day) – Depending on your residence state, you can qualify for a first-day coverage plan if you use oxygen occasionally. 

LONG TERM OXYGEN USE (24 hours a day)

If you use oxygen full-time and haven’t been hospitalized twice or more in the last two years, you may still qualify for a first-day burial insurance coverage, depending on the plans available in your state.

If you’ve been hospitalized two or more times in the last two years, your only option for coverage is to get a guaranteed issue life insurance. These plans have no medical exam and ask no health questions, and you can qualify regardless of your health. 

Long-term oxygen uses:

  • Bronchopulmonary dysplasia
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Heart failure
  • Lung diseases like emphysema or chronic bronchitis
  • Pneumonia
  • Trauma to the respiratory system

Do I Need A Medical Exam To Qualify For Burial Insurance?

No. When you apply for burial insurance, you only have to answer some basic health questions.

The application process is simple; you don’t need to provide medical records or blood and urine samples. You’ll often get the official approval from the insurance company within minutes!

What Is The Cost Of Burial Insurance If I Use Oxygen?

These factors determine the cost of life insurance if you use oxygen:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • State of residence
  • Smoking status
  • Type of policy
  • Coverage amount

Burial Insurance Underwriting For Oxygen Use

Burial insurance companies offering first-day coverage insurance have two ways of underwriting:

FIRST – They will ask a series of health questions.

SECOND – They will electronically review your prescription history to verify your health.

Insurance companies with often ask about oxygen use with questions like these:

  • Within the past 12 months, have you used, or been advised to use oxygen equipment to assist with breathing (excluding use for sleep apnea)?
  • Are you currently hospitalized, confined to a bed or nursing facility, using oxygen equipment to assist in breathing?
  • Are you currently hospitalized, confined to a wheelchair, bed, or nursing facility, using oxygen equipment to assist in breathing?.

What Are The Best Insurance Companies For People On Oxygen

Here is a life insurance policy pricing example of a 60-year-old female using continuous oxygen:

  1. Superior Choice (Recommended) 
    • First-day coverage
    • Policy amount: $10,000
    • Monthly premium: $47.25
  2. Gerber Life (Avoid) 
    • 2-year Waiting period
    • Policy amount: $10,000
    • Monthly premium: $51.06
  3. Lincoln Heritage (Avoid) 
    • 2-year Waiting period
    • Policy amount: $10,000
    • Monthly premium: $96.80

Superior Choice would be the best choice for a person using oxygen. It offers first-day coverage and lower pricing than plans with a waiting period. However, this plan is not available in all states.

How To Get First-Day Coverage Insurance For People With Oxygen Use

The best way to get first-day coverage burial insurance for people on oxygen is to work with an independent insurance agency that represents many A-rated insurance companies. An independent insurance agency like Funeral Funds can shop your case with many insurance companies to see which company will give you the best plan at the best price.

How Can Funeral Funds Help Me?

You don’t have to waste time searching with multiple insurance companies because we can do this work for you. We work with many A+ rated insurance carriers specializing in covering high-risk clients. 

Our licensed life insurance agents will search for all the best life insurance companies to get you the best rates, and we promise to make the process quick and easy. 

Fill out our quote form on this page or call us at (888) 862-9456, and we can give you an accurate quote.

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Will my premiums increase if I start using oxygen after purchasing the policy?

No, your premium will never go up after your policy is approved.

Can you get life insurance for someone with COPD who uses oxygen?

Yes, you may even qualify for first-day coverage if you have not been hospitalized two or more times in the last two years and they live in a state where more lenient plans are available.


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