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Burial Insurance with a Felony Conviction

Getting burial insurance with a felony conviction could be easier than you think. We work with a handful of insurance companies that don’t ask about felony convictions on their application questionnaire, and you can even qualify for level death benefit even if you have a history of a felony. This article will discuss how life…
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Man Thinking About Burial Insurance for Smokers

Burial Insurance for Smokers [Ex and Current]

Buying burial insurance for smokers, ex, and current smokers is easy. In fact, you won’t have to undergo a medical exam to apply for coverage. Additionally, there’s no need to provide a doctor’s record. Depending on what type of tobacco products you use and the frequency of use, we will get you the best burial,…
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Life Insurance for HIV Positive

Getting life insurance for HIV positive is possible. However, your life insurance options are very limited. IMPORTANT: Being HIV positive puts you in the high-risk category which will result in a mandatory two-year waiting period with every insurance company. No life insurance company will offer you a first-day coverage plan if you are HIV positive.…
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Burial Insurance Heart Stent

You can get affordable burial insurance with heart stent surgery. Most burial insurance companies only care about when you had your last stent implant. The more time that has passed since your heart stent surgery the better your insurance options. In this article, we’ll look into what insurance companies look for, burial insurance underwriting, and…
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Burial Insurance for Heart Disease and Circulatory Issues

Burial insurance for heart disease and circulatory issues is easier than you think. The more time that has passed after your last treatment or surgery, the better life insurance options you will have. If you have any type of heart condition, knowing what to expect when you apply for coverage will significantly increase your chances…
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Life Insurance For Dialysis Patients

Life insurance for dialysis patients is possible. However, your options are very limited. IMPORTANT: Chronic or end-stage kidney failure is a terminal condition, there is no insurance company that will offer first-day coverage. Your best option will be a two-year waiting period plan. If you or a family member have end-stage renal failure who is…
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5 Ways to Get Burial Insurance with First-Day Coverage

Are you looking for burial insurance with first-day coverage? For some people looking for life insurance that starts immediately can be challenging. The good news is getting people qualified for burial insurance with first-day coverage is our specialty! In this article, we will show you the five ways to get burial insurance with first-day coverage.…
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Burial Insurance With Pre-existing Condition

Finding burial insurance with a pre-existing condition is possible. In fact, the majority of all health conditions we get as we get older are accepted by most life insurance companies. Regardless of your pre-existing medical conditions or how poor your health is, there are life insurance options open for you. This article is your comprehensive…
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Affordable Epilepsy Burial Insurance

Finding affordable epilepsy burial insurance is possible. In fact, some insurance companies don’t even ask about epilepsy or seizure disorders in their health questionnaire. You may even qualify for first-day coverage plan. This will mean that you have protection from the very first day, and you will also have the lowest premiums! This article will…
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